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Zornitsa at BodyMeld zornitsa at bodymeld.org
Thu Apr 1 10:31:22 EDT 2021

Hi Philly dance community, 

On April 6th I will be teaching a special class focusing on all aspects of digitizing dance DIY style. Please, let me know if have questions.  

NO ONE IS TURNED BACK for LACK of FUNDS - All proceeds are going to support the artists involved with GWYN residency that I organize, so any small donation is greatly appreciated. 


Digital Dance – tips and tricks on filming, broadcasting and streaming

What can you create with what you already have?
Forget the fancy cameras, and expensive software. Let’s create masterpieces with our phone and web cameras using software already available in creative ways.

TIME: 12 NOON – 1:30 

April 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th and 22nd Over ZOOM
Drop – ins are welcome!  

Also, if the time doesn’t work, we will be recording the classes 

and you get them as recordings to do at your own time. 


Sign up here: digitaldance.eventbrite.com <https://www.eventbrite.com/e/digital-dance-tips-and-tricks-on-filming-editing-and-broadcasting-tickets-142221635741?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=escb&utm-source=cp&utm-term=listing> 

Digital Dance workshop series is for all dancers, choreographers and dance teachers 

who want to make screendance, teach online or perform virtually.


What the series will cover:

April 6th:

*	Understanding and composing for the distorted world of the digital frame
*	Composing for the moving and still camera – phone settings and cool apps
*	Innovative - DIY lighting – why it’s important to have good light

April 8th:

*	Capturing video devices- web cam vs. phone, syncing and working with footage through the computer or in phone.
*	Free and cheap software for editing video creatively both on phone and computer. Tutorials on all programs.


April 13th:

*	Introducing OBS studio and ManyCam – broadcasting software tips, tricks and best set up for dance.
*	The different ways of live broadcasting and engagement on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom.


April 15th:

*	Using multiple cameras and video switchers (yes you can do that now thru your laptop) … and yes you can make your phone and iPad be webcams. All software and hardware in order to make that happen with tutorial of the software.


April 22nd:

*	live feed special effects + live performance recording through OBS Studio and Many Cam. Tutorials and possibilities.


The goal is a comprehensive understanding of the technology, so that it could become a part of the way we compose and create dance instead of a hindrance.


Can this knowledge be transferred to the post pandemic theater? Absolutely! 

You would be able to create stunning multimedia and live feed special effects for your next performance with the tech you already have.
Please, make sure you have a separate device from the one you’d be using to take the class – a phone, iPad, goPro, or anything else fancier you have.
Students and people economically affected by the pandemic whole series $70 | Drop–ins per class: $15.

Professionals whole series $85 | Drop-ins: $18


If you really want to take this class, but the cost is prohibitive, please email Zornitsa and we can come up with an appropriate arrangement. 



PURCHASE through Eventbrite through the tickets link here: digitaldance.eventbrite.com <https://www.eventbrite.com/e/digital-dance-tips-and-tricks-on-filming-editing-and-broadcasting-tickets-142221635741?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=escb&utm-source=cp&utm-term=listing>  

 �or Directly to PayPal - zornitsa at bodymeld.org <mailto:zornitsa at bodymeld.org>  or Venmo - @zstoy



Any questions, just email me back. 




Director of BodyMeld – experimental contemporary dance platform 
www.bodymeld.org <http://www.bodymeld.org/> 


Follow us for events, workshops and conversations around new choreographies.

IG @bodymeld <https://www.instagram.com/bodymeld/>  � � � � | � � � FB @bodymeld <https://www.facebook.com/BodyMeld> 

* * *

Coming up:
Digital Dance – tips and tricks on filming, editing and broadcasting <https://www.facebook.com/events/431759731232722> 
April 6, 8, 13, 15, 22



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