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Dawn Pratson dalcrozephilly at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 13:29:37 EST 2021

Virtual Dance with Dawn

More info and registration: integralsteps.org/virtualdance

This is a weekly, 75-min. long dance-movement practice to develop and
maintain functional and expressive fitness. Principles of grounding,
alignment, efficiency of movement, spatial intention, rhythm and phrasing,
among other concepts, will be addressed. We will also play with movement as
personal and communal metaphor, and other material as it arises.

“We see light etched by shadows, feel joy emerging from sorrow; the present
hovers between the past and the future. Between all these opposites, there
is a sense of movement that renews the clarity of each experience.” Irmgard
Bartenieff, with Dori Lewis, from Body Movement: Coping with the
(6 Sessions)


   You can participate live or watch the recording later (or both!). We
   will send a recording to all registrants. Recordings expire after 30
   days. You will have 30 days to watch your purchase.

   Each session will be 75 minutes long.

   Dawn will build on material from previous sessions. You can participate
   in half the course or all of the course.

      Sessions 1, 2, and 3: $54 USD ($18/session)

      Sessions 4, 5, and 6: $54 USD ($18/session)

      Entire short course: Sessions 1-6: $90 USD ($15/session)

   Scholarships are available! Please fill out this form
   if you are interested.

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