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Fri Oct 30 11:05:46 EDT 2020

What does it mean to Get What You Need as an artist during a pandemic and a
global social justice crisis?

In our effort to address this question, Get What You Need residency
continues to provide two Philly dance artists with the opportunity to create
through the support of shared resources and time.


What is Get What You Need, a.k.a. GWYN?

*	GWYN is a consortium of artist professionals, creatives and
collaborative partnerships based in Philadelphia. Currently the consortium
is made of Zornitsa Stoyanova, Keila Cordova, Janna Meiring and Kenwyn
*	GWYN is a local virtual residency designed to support movement
performance makers living and working in the Philadelphia area.
*	We support new work from all contemporary dance forms, as long as
they're working towards public engagement. Engagement could be performance,
a virtual happening or something completely new and unheard of before.
*	As a GWYN artist in residence you'll be able to develop your work by
showing or sharing it monthly through virtual means with only your mentors
or publicly, if you wish.
*	The two GWYN artists function as a cohort and are required to be
present for each other's monthly meetings/showings. (always on a Saturday
during the day - exact dates are flexible)
*	GWYN is an artist led residency, where resources are shared. The
goal is to fill the need for making and presenting performance at this time.
*	GWYN residency will culminate in a public showing in May, 2021.
*	A onetime stipend of $200 for each artist, will be provided, which
can either be paid once at the end of the residency or in two installments.
*	Residency spans from November 18th 2020 to end of May 2021.
*	As a GWYN artist you would have access to the following resources:

*	Professionals in the field contributing their knowledge, experience
and expertise in contemporary dance, theatre, somatic/movement and
performance art forms.
*	Support to find rehearsal/studio space in the Philadelphia area.
*	Facilitation and coaching through process and development stages.
*	Support in performance praxis, creating and placing work in social
*	Technical guidance in set, costume, makeup and other design
*	Sound, video and editing tools.
*	Invite an outside artist as a guide during your process.
*	Administration, accounting, legal and self-producing tools and
*	Basic website tools and accessibility.
*	Direct access to the consortium and all their combined resources.
*	Full list of all of our shared resources you can find here.


Deadline is November 1st by the end of the day. Please, email me if you need
an extension.

APPLY HERE: https://forms.gle/rTfSUPc5EQGdQXzM9   




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