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Thu Jun 25 13:22:51 EDT 2020

Dear dance community, 

I'm happy to announce this special practice with Jeanine During coming up on
July 6th and 7th. For the longest time I tried to figure out how to produce
this live, but alas. it has to be virtual. 

The greatest thing about it is that it is open to all dance modalities
(including percussive dance), as the work will really happed within you in
the privacy of your home.  As long as you have an improvisational aspect of
your movement practice, this workshop is for you. 

If you have any questions, please respond to this email. 

>From Jeanine:

the revolution inside

based on a practice i call nonstopping, i'll offer some non-theoretical
strategies for getting closer to the mind that moves the body/ies that you
move through. this is a lab for personal process and action toward the fluid
consideration of choreographic thinking. through sometimes languaging, and
possibly writing, but mostly moving, we'll tune to the complexities of our
unfolding ecologies, sharpen our responsiveness to the multiplicities of our
emergent materials, and empower ourselves to the probable poetics of our
micro choices.

***All Virtual events will be held on Zoom. 
***This is a professional level practice. Previous experience in
improvisation and/or improvisational dance making is a must. Open to all
dance genres! If you have questions, please email Zornitsa at
zornitsa at bodymeld.org <mailto:zornitsa at bodymeld.org> .

***Practice 1 and 2 will be the same, and people can sign up for one or
***Zoom meeting will stay open after the practice is over for community
members mingling, catch up, resource sharing or continuing the practice.

Practice 1 - July 6th 10am - 12 noon 
Practice 2 - July 7th - 6pm - 8pm
Focused sessions - July 8th - focused 30min sessions with Jeanine and one or
two other people, who have participated at least in one of the practices. 


****Jeanine has committed to donate part of her teaching fee to The National
Bail Fund Network****

****Who is Jeanine Durning****
Jeanine Durning is an Alpert Award winning choreographer and performer from
New York whose work has been described by The New Yorker as having both "the
potential for philosophical revelation and theatrical disaster."
Full bio:


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