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Pasión y Arte info at pasionyarteflamenco.org
Mon Jun 8 11:42:20 EDT 2020

Pasion y Arte, Philadelphia's premier all-female flamenco dance company,
is excited to present a new summer event, *Sevillana Get Togethers 2020 *which
will take place in late summer (location and date TBD) in Philadelphia.

During these trying times where it becomes easy to feel isolated and
disconnected from others, PyA Artistic Director Elba Hevia y Vaca has
created a new platform of sharing  based on the Sevillanas dance that
incorporates virtual learning and sharing, staying connected with oneself.
We will share ourselves dancing virtually with each other via video and the
event will culminate in a final festival-like event where participants can
dance and experience community together safely while following social
distancing guidelines.

A little bit about Sevillanas:

The Sevillana is a colorful and exciting style of song and dance that
originated in Castile and not in Seville, a variation from a style of dance
known as the seguidilla. The Sevillana is not flamenco, although today it
is performed by flamenco artists who give it that special flamenco touch.
It is performed to a strict 3/4 rhythm and is danced by pairs or groups of
people. The dance is choreographed to a pre-established routine, all of
which goes against what the true flamenco dance is all about.

Today, the Sevillana is danced at any form of get-together; whether it is
the feria, a wedding, or at a family party where everyone present will join
in. It is a celebration of being together with family, friends, and
co-workers. For many, dancing the Sevillana is just routine, something they
have grown up with and learnt simply by being constantly surrounded by it,
although there are many schools where you can go to learn it.

There are also many different styles of Sevillana including
Sevillanas Boleras, Corraleras, Biblicas, Rocieras, and Marineras to name
but a few. The Sevillanas are performed to a set of carefully worked out
steps of which there are at least nine different steps in each section and
four sections in the overall dance.

*Sevillana Get Togethers 2020 *will be comprised of a combination of

Ms. Hevia y Vaca started a Sevillana series in May and has been teaching
her students on Saturdays via  Zoom (free and open to all) These virtual
lessons will continue until it is allowed for in person classes to resume
and for the PyA Conservatory studio to reopen. To participate visit
pasionyarteflamenco.org to learn more about the Zoom classes.

The Sevillana dance has 4 Coplas (Sections) After students have finished
learning Copla 1 of Sevillana, those students participating will make a
video of themselves dancing the 1st Copla in their home and send it to Ms.
Hevia y Vaca. Our videographer will then put all of the videos of Copla 1
together into one reel. The image that we hope will appear will be of all
the students dancing Copla 1 reframed so that it looks like students are
dancing virtually with one another. The same structure will then be
followed for Coplas 2 and 3. At the end of the project, there will be a
total of 3 virtual Sevillanas where students are dancing with one another
via the videos they have submitted.  Anyone who already knows these
Sevillanas are also welcome to submit videos via WhatsApp (Elba Hevia y
Vaca) for inclusion in the videos.

The 4th Copla will be studied and ready to perform by the end of June/early
July. The goal is then to perform all 4 Coplas in late summer for the first
time together physically, safely in an outdoor space in Philadelphia (date
and location TBD). There will be food and live music. We will also showcase
on a large film screen the submitted films of Coplas 1-3 at the final event.

The ultimate goal of *Sevillana Get Togethers 2020 *is to encourage a new
way for the community to stay connected through dance virtually, connect
with ourselves intimately as we prepare the video to share and then watch
ourselves on a large screen with a large community sharing. The final
conclusion will be our celebration of coming together, rejoicing in dancing
with an actual live human being and surrounded by others dancing around us
even if it has to be 6 feet apart!

Visit pasionyarteflamenco.org for more info.

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