[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] CYBERORGANELLE - experiment at Window Room

Shannon . shannonlynnbrooks at gmail.com
Tue May 19 00:50:01 EDT 2020

*TUESDAY, MAY 19 2020*
*6-7:15PM (EDT)*
a movement experiment through windowroomtv.org
facilitated by Shannon Brooks
*free/**donations welcome*
*(venmo: window-room)*

*Window Room TV <http://windowroomtv.org>will stream a "doorway" to a
closed Zoom call.Click the doorway and you will be rerouted to the call.*

We will imagine our computers as organs of cyberspace and experiment with
forming a closer relationship with our shared virtual world.

I wonder what languages are lost in being apart from one another. I wonder
how we can grieve and respect those languages greater in their absence.

I wonder what languages, abilities, worlds, existencescan be discovered by
exploring the embodiment of virtual connection; embodying a new sense.


*Computer connected to the workshop through zoom old t-shirt or stretchy
fabricScissorsa way to tie strips together with double knotsyour body*

The workshop will begin with a brief 15 minute physical and verbal
introduction, followed by an instructional how-to-make aresistance band
with an old t-shirt or piece of fabric.

After we make our resistance band we will transition into our
experimentation. Through suggestions and scores we will physicalize the
imagined, explore and identify our personal senses and allow them to extend
beyond our person into our computer. We will use our resistance bands as a
physical appendage of the frame/cyber-organism and examine our relationship
to this virtual connection-method of connection-simulated-spinal
cord-shared cyber-consciousness.


This workshop is a part of Window Room TV's PHYSICAL//PSYCHIC SPACE, a
series examining the permeable membrane between physical space and
cyber-consciousness or the virtual world.

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