[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] Connecting housing rights and dancer rights (and human rights) in COVID 19

Christina Gesualdi gesualdic at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 16:01:32 EDT 2020

I'm writing specifically to share info with dancer renters throughout

I'm Christina Gesualdi and I'm part of Philly Tenants Union
*PTU has put out a citywide call to action to organize the tenants in your
building, or under your landlord, or management company as well as spread
the word to your neighbors, friends, and other networks.
(full statement in the link)
This is important for everyone but feels especially relevant for artists
when the state hasn't even rolled out the freelancers / gig workers form
for unemployment yet! *HOW ARE WE GONNA PAY RENT? FOOD NOT RENT! ...That
$1,200 stimulus check should not be a handout to your landlord.* Don't you
agree? The state should have provided rent and mortgage forgiveness and as
of now, they have not!

Not sure how to connect or who to connect to to build power in numbers?
Fill out this form:

Have questions or need some guidance in how to get organized so that you or
others can stand in solidarity so you or others can demand the rent
reductions or rent forgiveness that you need if you or other can't pay?
Feel free to contact me on fb or at gesualdic at gmail.com. Also here is a
helpful guide about how to organize in Covid 19:

Why is a rent strike necessary?
Our city, state, and federal governments have failed to adequately respond
to this crisis. Renters have been left to fend for themselves and
encouraged to enter unsafe negotiations with landlords. Eviction courts are
only temporarily closed and we anticipate a wave of filings as soon as they
reopen in May. The more tenants involved in organized strikes around the
city, the more likely they are to win concessions from the landlords and
build political pressure for city and state intervention.

I'd love to hear more from dancers and performers who are also renters.

Best and solidarity,
Christina G

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