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Katherine Stark thenakedstark at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 21:54:35 EDT 2020

Hello Philly Movement-artists,

There's a person-to-person system of financial resource sharing that gets
money directly to artists and others impacted financially by COVID that is
working in other places.  Here's a version that is just getting started for
Philly and the greater Philadelphia area.

I hope you will read about it and consider participating either as someone
who receives or someone who shares.

Sending love and wishing you all well!

Details below & Quick links here:
Sharing Philly Spreadsheet
Information Sheet
- all the info that's in this email and an example
Facebook page
- see an example and post questions
You can also email questions to sharing.philly at gmail.com

Sharing Philly

Getting through this pandemic together

Sharing Philly is an egalitarian human-to-human system for sharing
financial resources during this pandemic.

Sharing Philly was created to get financial resources directly and
immediately to performing artists and other folks in the freelance and
service industries who are currently losing some or all of their income
from COVID due to venue closures, studio closures, shifts losts, tour
cancellations, commissions canceled, etc.

If you are a salaried human or don’t feel like you’re at risk of losing
your job and/or financial security this week or next, the Sharing Philly
spreadsheet makes it relatively easy for you to distribute a small portion
of your resources to ensure we all make it through this together.

*Sharing Philly is an adaptation of the Leveler <https://www.leveler.info/>,
working nationally.


All the information you need to share* or receive resources is here in
the Sharing

*Sharing happens via venmo or paypal and you must do this on your PHONE.


This is an egalitarian system managed by all of us.

Folks financially impacted by COVID enter links to their venmo or paypal
accounts into the spreadsheet.  When folks receive the amount they need,
they take themselves off the list.

Folks who are able, share $10 with as many folks on the list as they can,
moving down the list in order and placing an ‘X’ in the shared column as
they go.  Once the last name is reached, all Xs are deleted and we go
through the list again.

For these small shares to add up, we need lots of participation.
Spread the word, share the link.

Let’s share in all the ways!

Katherine Kiefer Stark, MFA
Artistic Director, The Naked Stark
*www.thenakedstark.com <http://www.thenakedstark.com> - **Facebook
- Instagram
<http://instagram.com/thenakedstark> - Vimeo

*The Naked Stark*
@ University City Arts League
4226 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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