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Darcy Lyons darcydlyons at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 18:37:49 EDT 2020

Audition for Lyons & Tigers Saturday, March 14th, 2020

RSVP by emailing darcy at lyonsandtigers.org with your phone number, email
address, headshot (or any photo of you), and resume. If you absolutely
cannot attend the audition in person, but you are interested in
auditioning, please include alternate times and dates you are available to
audition in your email. Thank you so much!

Location: The Iron Factory, 118 Fontain (NOT Fountain) street, 3rd floor,
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Participants are asked to arrive between 1:30 and 2.

Audition check in and self guided warm up: 1:30-2 PM

Audition time: 2-4:30

Lyons & Tigers will be auditioning for two different short pieces to be
presented this fall/winter (dates and venue TBD). Performances will be paid.

Rehearsals are two to four Saturdays a month (depending on the month and
which piece you are cast in) from 1 or 2-5 PM at The Iron Factory in the
Kensington area of Philadelphia.

Rehearsals will start April 4, 2020 and go until the fall/winter
performances. Pending project development, chosen collaborators may have
the option to continue to work with Lyons & Tigers for future shows beyond
fall/winter 2020.

About the pieces:

Kandinsky/Motivation/Transition directed by Darcy Lyons

This piece is inspired by a painting by Wassily Kandinsky and will engage
with the color, shape, sound, movement, and transition that the painting
evokes. Additionally, we’ll explore what motivation moves us from one thing
to the next in movement, thinking, and emotionality. We’ll explore what
motivation looks like when it comes from the inside and what motivates us
from the external world.


known/unknowns is a collaboration between choreographer Darcy Lyons and
visual artist Ivia Sky Yavelow.

The  performance space will be cluttered with many sculptures made by
Yavelow. These lightweight soft sculptures are made of dark fabric bundled
around unseen contents, appearing similar to rucksacks. Performers will
enter and move with the sculptures and their shadows in movements that may
include leaning, inspecting, punching, cuddling, rocking, and stacking.
Some of the objects crinkle when touched. The performer’s  movements are
based on ideas about living with and confronting darkness and unknowns and
the sculptures are a visual representation of these unknowns.

About Lyons & Tigers:

Lyons and Tigers is a project based dance company that  creates dance
theater work for the stage, performance installations, and dance films. We
revel in crossing those fabricated lines that often restrict dance making.
We enjoy experimenting and taking risks. We are highly collaborative within
the company and our work is often co-created with video projection, visual
art, and text that is spoken, recorded, and projected. Our work pushes the
edges of discomfort, crawls into the risky places that make our hair stand
on end, make our hearts softly open to the world, or pull us into one of
the many places in between.

About director Darcy Lyons:

Darcy Lyons is originally from Santa Fe, New

Mexico and received a B.F.A in dance from California Institute of

the Arts (CalArts) in 2010. She has since been living, working,

performing, and creating dance work in Philadelphia. She recently produced
the full evening work Proceed with Caution at the Performance Garage in the
2019 Philadelphia Fringe Festival as well as the Fringe Preview show in
June 2019. The first version of  Proceed with Caution premiered in the 2018
Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Darcy has self- produced and curated six
additional performances and has shown her work in several performance
series in Philadelphia and New York. She performed with the Group Motion
Monday Night Improv Lab from 2010-2017. From 2010-2014, she was a company
member of Sutie Madison’s

Band of Artists. She is also a certified GYROTONIC® and Pilates instructor.
Find out more at lyonsandtigers.org <http://www.lyonsandtigers.org/>

About Ivia Sky Yavelow:
Ivia Sky Yavelow earned a BA from Bard College in 2014 and also studied at
the New York Studio School.  In 2015 she was awarded a Visual Artist
Fellowship from the Edward F. Albee Foundation and completed a residency at
their William Flanagan Memorial Creative Persons Center in Montauk, NY.
She currently lives, works, and creates in the tri-state area.  Her process
and concept based multi-media works range from installations to
freestanding sculptures and works on paper, which she has exhibited since
2010.  Her work has won awards in exhibitions at the New York Studio School
and the Trenton City Museum.In addition to her own studio practice, Yavelow
collaborates with other artists and performers and works with art every day
as an artist, curator, and teacher. Find out more at iviaskyyavelow.com

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