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Mon Mar 9 11:14:14 EDT 2020

*PDP’s DANCE IN FRAME  -  dance on video workshop with CHAMECKI/LERNER*

*Sunday, March 15*  1-5PM

at Cardell Studio, 1713 Melon Street,19130 ( near 17th & Fairmount
Ave)   Everyone
is welcome, artists and “general public”…

$10/$15* Register at DanceBoxOffice.com

*(Workshop participants will receive one complimentary ticket to PDP’s
Presents DANCE UP CLOSE,  Dance/Video performance March 18 or 19 at

*Chamecki/Lerner *is a 25-year collaboration between *Rosane Chamecki*
and *Andrea
Lerner,* creating a body of work that includes dance performances, video
and installation pieces.  Their performance work has been presented in the
US by The Kitchen, DRW, the Joyce Theater, Performance Space 122, Central
Park SummerStage, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Mass MoCA,
Diverseworks, Jacob’s Pillow, and American Dance Festival.  They have
toured extensively throughout Brazil as well as Canada, Venezuela,
Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Portugal, The Netherlands, UK, Austria,
Germany, Denmark, Finland and Romania.

*PDP Director asked the artists:*

*“What will participating in your workshop be like ?”*

We will discuss ideas of why, how and when bring dance to film. We consider
live performance to be such an exciting art form so that we need good
reasons to put it inside the frame of a video. And there are good reasons,
of course. The big dilemma artists run into when taking Dance out of the
real world and into the screen is how to maintain the corporeal and
visceral aspect of the experience of feeling a body in action; its sweat,
dynamic, and energy. In Phenomenology of Perception, Maurice Merleau-Ponty
addresses the physical reality: "To be a body, is to be tied to a certain
world….our body is not primarily in space, it is of it." So how do we keep
the flesh, the breath, the space of this body on screen? Or, do we need to
maintain those qualities to succeed?

In our experience, the vital question relies on these basic questions: when
does one's concept ask for the language of video making; what are the tools
available in the video that would not only facilitate the work but demand
that the work be made explicitly for the screen?

To answer these questions one needs to understand that neither media,
VIDEO/FILM, or DANCE, are subjugated to the other. The same understanding
of Dance, have to extend to Video and Experimental film.

During the workshop, we will show some examples, both of our work and other
artists'. We will talk about framing, camera movement, planes, manipulation
of time and space, the relationship between camera movement and body
movement, etc.

We will suggest simple exercises to be made in small groups. We like
simplicity as a starting point because it isn't about the technique, it is
about the idea - it makes it easier to focus, and incites discussion.

We will finish up talking about the result of the exercise, and possibly
showing some more examples of video work that we find inspiring. *We ask
everyone to bring their cell phones to use for the exercises.*







"Assembling Corporeal Knowledge"

a unique program of live dance and screen dance

MARCH 18 & 19, 2020

Tickets: DanceBoxOffice.com


9 North Preston Street, Phila PA 19104 USA

215.546.2552   www.philadanceprojects.org

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