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Thu Feb 13 06:01:00 EST 2020

Embodying Neuroqueer/Neuroqueering Embodiment with Nicole Bindler
Saturday, March 7 /// 11am - 2pm at The Whole Shebang

Using somatic practices and newer understandings of neurology and trauma
such as polyvagal theory, we will develop methods to reclaim and celebrate
our uniquely weird ways of thinking, being, and making. Nick Walker, one of
the people who coined the term Neuroqueer says, "Neuroqueer is both an
identity and an ethos, a noun and a verb," and describes it as "Engaging in
the 'queering' of one’s own neurocognitive processes... Engaging in
practices intended to 'undo' one’s cultural conditioning toward conformity
and compliance with dominant norms."

In this workshop we will create a space in which we can come out about how
we think and learn, and unwind some of the cognitive and bodily holding we
enact on ourselves in order to make sense of/in this world. There will be
equal parts learning about the brain, discussing the politics of
neurodiversity, moving our bodies, and resting.
$15 - $20 pre-reg   —   $20 - $25 at the door
any level, any discipline, any one

For more info or to register, head to thewholeshebangphilly.com

The Whole Shebang
1813 South 11th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148
text or call: 267 422 2719

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