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Fri Dec 27 13:50:11 EST 2019

with Paule Turner
January 11 + 12, 10a-1p
one day: $25 online / $35 at the door
both days: $40 online / $60 at the door

What does it mean to create or attend to art in Philadelphia? This is the
primary question of Apokálypsis, an 8-month artistic research project
facilitated by the Whole Shebang in collaboration with artists Asimina
Chremos and Paule Turner and 8 Core Artists Eli Avenue, Emily Bate, Levi
Bentley, Amalia Colon-Nava, Patricia Graham, Kimya Jackson, Mark Kennedy,
and Vitche-Boul Ra.

Aποκάλυψις (tr. Apokálypsis) is an ancient Greek word meaning to uncover or
reveal. This project invites artists and audiences to tune our attention to
dimensions of everyday city life that are constantly performing and
generating images, textures, rhythms, sounds, and sensations in an
unceasing creative flow.

Workshop Description:
“If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it”
Isadora Duncan

We all have the intrinsic power to conceive, direct and choreograph our
image(s). This workshop is a shared space of practiced heightened
consciousness of physical, psychic and mental spaces we inhabited. Aimed to
foster informative dialogues about the creation of original hybrid
performance art, it enables participants to undertake a wide range of
creative pursuits and investigations. Through finely honed creative games
and devices designed to challenge the artist to consider the existential
possibilities of performance, craft and design in rehearsal and on the
stage, participants will test their powers of communicative tools – sound,
action and imagery. Here we will articulate everything, exalt nature,
celebrate the human body and praise the senses – the multi-tasking of being

Paule Turner's Biography:
My successful professional background and affiliations have afforded me
with a wealth of artistic and organizational colleagues within the field.
Twelve years of self-producing evening-length dance works in Philadelphia
allowed me the space, time, energy and resources to fully explore a myriad
of performance styles and theatrical techniques. My creative work is
multidisciplinary investigation combining the elements text, music, voice
and movement to speak brazenly about social concerns. My interest and
investigation of other elements should not be considered “treason” to the
dance but rather my commitment to communicating with my audience by “all
means necessary”. I produce highly physical and thoughtful work that forces
performer and audience to consider a deeper, if not more valid, spiritual
intelligence. As a Professor of Theater & Dance at Rowan University, I have
dedicated my tenure to inspiring the future with informed citizens who
advocate radical expression that produces dialogue between artist and
spectator, spectator and community, and community and imagined communities.

Apokalypsis Series -- What we have been working on thus far:


Deep Sensing City & Self: Saturday 10/26 from 2pm — 6pm

Deep Sensing Creating in Context: Saturday 11/9 from 2pm — 6pm

Self-practice with Deep Sensing tools, free individual guidance available
for participants of Oct/Nov workshops


MAKING TROUBLE: I Mean What You See with Paule Turner 1: Saturday 1/11 from
10am — 1pm
MAKING TROUBLE: I Mean What You See with Paule Turner 2: Sunday 1/12 from
10am — 1pm

...And more to come!!

More info @thewholeshebangphilly.com

The Whole Shebang
1813 South 11th street
Philadelphia, PA 19148
text or call: 267 422 2719

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