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Fri Dec 20 14:06:48 EST 2019

SEX TAPE + Nuptial Blitz
two works by Gabrielle Revlock

January 8-11 at 7pm, January 12 at 3pm
The Flea Theater, 20 Thomas St., New York, NY 10007 -- A 2 hour bus ride
from Philly/easy + cheap day trip for $24 or less!
Tickets $20 at http://theflea.org/shows/sex-tape-nuptial-blitz/

Plus a Restorative Contact class on January 12, 11:30-1pm (all levels) :

Gabrielle Revlock's recent work uses a process she calls "embodied
anthropology." For SEX TAPE the found choreography between Revlock and a
male lover, documented on video, has been reconstructed by Revlock and a
longtime female friend Michele Tantoco. Nuptial Blitz invites audience
members to participate in the contemporary ritual that is wedding
photography, posing alongside the artist as her partner. The evening
presents a responsive, playful and irreverent challenge to
heteronormativity. "SEX TAPE’s strange tension between friendship and
erotic love, replacing the lover with a same-sex friend, was also its
genius. "  -Broad Street Review

The class will consist of passive contact poses designed to regenerate,
replenish and reset the body and mind. In class we will work in partners,
guided through a floor-based sequence of touch and weight-sharing, using a
variety of surfaces of the body. Deep relaxation has been shown to help
with anxiety, insomnia, digestion, fertility and high blood pressure. The
effects of touch are far-reaching, including emotional, physical, and
cognitive wellbeing and improvement.

BUS & Train INFO:
NJ transit


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