[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] some spots still available for "Keening" in the new year

Annie Wilson anne.macg.wilson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 16:32:10 EST 2019

"Keening" returns to the Whole Shebang,

6 weeks of Sundays, from 6-8 PM

January 12th- February 16th

The Whole Shebang, 1813 S. 11th Street. Rear entrance. The door is in the
parking lot to the school, right by a beautiful mural.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in
wailing/moaning/singing/burping in the quite-resonant Whole Shebang.
Registration priority given to folks who can commit to four sessions. If
you are interested but can't commit to that many, please let me know and we
can talk it out. I've found that "keening" goes well with the darker winter

FREE but donations accepted to cover the cost of space.

During the development of my solo *At Home with the Humorless Bastard*, I
developed a vocal practice inspired by the old Celtic practice of keening:
wailing over a recently-dead person’s body. This workshop is an experiment
in “keening” in a group setting. I’d like to offer it to people who might
find it useful in their artistic practices or daily lives, both in moments
of grief/frustration/despair, but also exuberant moments of
joy/love/hypomania. That said, the practice is somewhat co-created by the
folks who are in the room.

The workshop includes a warmup, solo keen, group keen (how do you define
the difference between a solo and group song? great question), and some
gentle performative exercises. Each week usually has a theme.

Please reach out with any questions that you have. I look forward to seeing



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