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Dear dance community, 

Get What You Need (GWYN) second iteration is coming up in exactly a month at
Fidget Space. 

If you'd like to share some work and get feedback, just email me back at
zornitsa at herebegindance.com <mailto:zornitsa at herebegindance.com> . First
come, first serve. 


Saturday Dec 14th  at 1pm - 4pm WITH MEGAN BRIDGE as mentor

The Fidget Space, 1714 N Mascher St, Philadelphia, PA 19122 


Janna Meiring 
Mira Treatman 



Do you want to come and see how the magic happens? Do you want to be there
at the inception of something truly amazing? You might want to even help
shape it. Come be part of the making of these awesome performances. 


Here is what Janna and Mira say about their work:

"I am married to a Puerto Rican who could barely speak a few words of
English when we met 10 years ago. Now my wife is fluent in English, and I
can sputter only a few loving sentiments in Spanish. Not only is this a
personal pain point (and deeply embarrassing), this is a serious problem
that Americans have -we resist the notion that we aren't the only ones in
the world. I believe this world view has been internalized and sewn into the
body. This piece is a vehicle to finally learn Spanish through part
documentary, part somatic-movement-multi-disciplinary performance. I will
explore the resistance, the embarrassment, the science and the underlying
racism that perpetuates my mono-lingual nature, and I'll do it.I'll learn

"I seek to destroy the social-choreographic divide. Using nursery rhymes and
familiar songs as a point of departure, I will work with a cast mixed of
professional performers, dedicated dance audience members, and social
instigators ranging in age from 22 to 60 to complete a project I started
about two years ago. "Supernatural Displays of Yearning," is a collaborative
exploration into grief, trauma, and desire."

Get What You Need (GWYN) is a work in progress showing platform that allows
movement artists in the Philadelphia area to show work and get feedback on
their artistic process monthly. Created by multidisciplinary artists
Zornitsa Stoyanova, GWYN has been a facet to the Philadelphia dance
community since late 2014 and helped over 40 individual artists. 

This year marks the expansion of GWYN into a city wide performance support

GWYN Residency program is almost entirely created by donated space and time.
It is made possible by the generous support of The Fidget Space, The Art
Room, 954 Dance Movement Collective, Cardell Dance Studio, Community
Education Center, The Beard Cave and PhiladelphiaDANCE.org. 

More info on the program here:



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