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The Switching

A Workshop Series With Jumatatu Poe

November 17th - 4pm-7pm

November 18th, 19th, and 20th - 6pm-9pm

I like to imagine that this practice in performance improvisation, The
Switching, is a strategy in immediate evolution, rapid-fire shifting,
sublime learning of and in the moment. I began this practice while dealing
with my curiosities around a question I obsessed over: “Can I change

Our practice will deal with strategic essentialization – through the
immediate re-design of ourselves into other creatures, or other ways of
being our innate creatures – and working with immediately identifying the
restrictions/limitations that are inescapable. It’s round about, and
ideally will come full circle.

Now, in this moment, it’s circle/curve through my distals, and my distals

are everywhere, and my desire travels in orbits, in cycles, and my vision
is a limb.

And now, in this moment, my vision is a limb, and I am comprised of

that I can sense that I cannot see, and I am composed of the same

material all throughout my body, and my voice is flat.

And now, in this moment, my voice is flat, and my rhythmic is insistently

percussive, and my organs erupt to propel me into movement, and

then they recompose themselves, and I am responsible for all of the sound I

hear, and I am feeling overwhelmed at all of my responsibility, and my

eroticism desire is piercing through my pores.

For me, there is something deeply spiritual about it, something confusing,
something humbling/humiliating about it. I feel like it has theoretical
links to code switching, especially as it has to do with my Blackness and
queerness, experiences of immediate compartmentalization/contextualization
as a defense mechanism, as a means of survival.

Full Workshop $100-125 // Drop In $20-35 (Drop Ins Only Allowed Sun + Mon)

Accessibility info -- Space is up one flight of stairs. There is no
wheelchair ramp.

More info @thewholeshebangphilly.com

The Whole Shebang
1813 South 11th street
Philadelphia, PA 19148
text or call: 267 422 2719

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