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See below for Discount Codes for *Sneakers* (by Nichole Canuso) and *bilialien
*(by Annie Wilson)

*Sneakers *

By Nichole Canuso

Discount Code: sneakers15

*“impressive fluency and understated humor”*

*-*       *New York Times *

* “No cheap thrills, no slick tricks, this lady is making movement
art…simply one of the most beautiful movement pieces imaginable *

*-*       *Philadelphia City Paper *

When someone departs your life they also enter it in a new way. *Sneakers*
is about that shift. Created and performed by Nichole Canuso (*Wandering
Alice, TAKES, The Garden, Pandæmonium*) in collaboration with director Suli
Holum and sound designer Michael Kiley, *Sneakers* is an elegy for what has
gone, and a tender tumble through what remains. *Sneakers* also examines
the architecture of memory, and the systems we construct to house the past,
the present, the false, the borrowed and the buried.

•   Friday 9/6,* 6pm *

•   Saturday 9/7, *8pm *

•   Sunday 9/8,* 3pm, (with ASL interpretation) *

•   Monday 9/9, *8pm, followed by Today’s Elegies**

•   Tuesday 9/10, *8pm *

*Monday evening’s performance will be followed by a late-night cabaret
featuring Martha Graham Cracker, Eliza Hardy Jones, Pax Ressler, Chelsea
Murphy, Rhonda Moore, Emmanuel Delpech and more. Drinks and snacks will be
available throughout the evening.

Tickets and info HERE <https://fringearts.com/event/sneakers/>

Discount Code: Sneakers15


*Bilialien *

By Annie Wilson

Discount Code: sneakyalien15

*bilialien *is a show full of short new works: "Keening," "Instructions,"
and a secret third piece.

“Keening” is a sharing of the group work Annie has done around her own
practice of “keening,” which is a vocal practice loosely inspired by the
Celtic ritual of wailing as a coffin is transported from church to grave,
and is experiencing a resurgence in Ireland these days. She initially
developed it as a secret banshee during her last show, At Home with the
Humorless Bastard.

Instructions is with some of her favorite thinkers and performers:
Christina Gesualdi, Mina Estrada, Anita Holland, and Laura Vriend. They are
ostensibly dealing with extraterrestrials. But it’s also an attempt to
destabilize some of her (and hopefully the performers! And maybe your??)
assumptions about what unison through space and time looks like.

Yesterday's Garbage follows Friday and Sunday's shows. Co-hosted by Annie
and Anita Holland, it's a celebration of terrible art. And it's FREE. Just
show up.

•   Friday 9/6,* 9pm, followed by Yesterday’s Garbage*

•   Saturday 9/7, *3pm *

•   Sunday 9/8,* 8pm, followed by Yesterday’s Garbage*

•   Monday 9/9, *5pm*

•   Tuesday 9/10, *1pm *

Tickets and info HERE <http://www.fringearts.com/event/bilialien/>

Discount Code: Sneakyalien15


* <https://performancepractice.la/portfolio/pandaemonium/>*

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