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Thu Aug 29 12:53:34 EDT 2019

“…I cannot say that I have ever seen a more powerful and moving exploration
of a life in the arts.” — *Broad Street Review*

In her new solo performance piece *La Bolivianita*, dancer and
choreographer Elba Hevia y Vaca explores her lifelong artistic journey with
Flamenco. First introduced to Flamenco through her family’s pride in their
Spanish heritage, *La Bolivianita* delves into the artist’s emotional and
changing relationship with her beloved art form. The autobiographical work
examines themes of primary importance to Hevia y Vaca, including her
experiences as an artist, an immigrant, and as a mother and daughter.  As
the artist ages and comes to term with her recent discovery made through
DNA research that she is primarily descended from the indigenous Andean
rather than the Spaniards, *La Bolivianita *poses many questions, one of
which is: How does information about one’s genetics change the perception
one has of oneself and how they see themselves in the world?

*La Bolivianita *has been in development since early 2018 and incorporates
spoken word, the de-construction of modern Flamenco choreography, and
culminates in an interactive dialogue with the audience. *La Bolivianita*
is directed by world renowned Flamenco innovator, choreographer, and
feminist artist Belen Maya (Spain).  “*La Bolivianita* shows courage and
honesty. Elba shows herself as she truly is in her dance and in her words.
This vulnerability gives the piece a unique voice,” says Belen Maya.


September 19-21


September 22


@exuberance, 1220 N. Mascher Street, Philadelphia 19122

Tickets: $20 Standard/$15 Student & 25-and-under

Tickets available here: fringearts.com/event/la-bolivianita/

More information here: pasionyarteflamenco.org
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