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Thu Jul 25 09:06:38 EDT 2019

* Open Space resident Kiera Bono opens up the studio for a public showing
of "Open Reduction Internal Fixation"
* this Friday! Tomorrow! July 26th, @ 7pm
* At The Whole Shebang -- 1813 S. 11th St (enter through the Neumann
Goretti HS parking lot)

A coming-out party for Kiera Bono's new stainless steel wrist on the final
night of their Open Space Residency with Laura Farrell at The Whole Shebang
in Philly; a brief evening of movement, sound, performance, and words.

"Three months ago, an old white dude cut open my right forearm and drilled
a metal plate and seven screws into the shattered, scattered bone fragments
of my distal radius in a surgery called an "Open Reduction Internal
Fixation." For the past month or so, my physical therapist has been
connecting himself to the same machine that he connects to my arm while he
works on it so that a high-frequency current can run through his hand back
into mine. The distinctions between internal and external have always been
difficult for me to locate, but now they are even more blurred.

Laura and I are archiving flare-ups and remissions. We are archiving
choreographies of physical therapy and "rehabilitation." We are
"reveal[ing] tensions within the cyborg body," as Margaret M. Quinlan and
Benjamin R. Bates would call it. We are moving through trauma by moving
through trauma.

ACCESSIBILITY: This space is not ADA accessible. It is on the second floor
with no chair lift or elevator, and the bathroom has no handrails and is
too small to fit most mobility devices. I hope to bring this practice to an
ADA accessible space at some point soon if given the opportunity!"

The Whole Shebang
1813 South 11th street
Philadelphia, PA 19148
text or call: 267 422 2719

The Whole Shebang
1813 South 11th street
Philadelphia, PA 19148
text or call: 267 422 2719

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