[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] Using Flamenco Language to Heal Trauma and Transform: 2 Day Workshop with Belen Maya

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Tue Jul 23 10:00:13 EDT 2019



*JULY 27 & 28*




*Items attendees will need to bring: *Notebook and pen, pillow and blanket, 3
printed photos (personal and/or images from magazines that resonates with
you for some reason), a personal object to add to a communal altar, comfortable
clothes, and flamenco/character shoes optional.

*FEE: $50 per day. Must register and pay in advance HERE

*A Note From Belen Maya about the Trauma and Transformation Workshop:*

I have been a Flamenco dancer, choreographer and teacher for more than
thirty years and during that time movement has pulled me out of depression,
financial crisis, the loss of both my parents and a life-wrecking divorce.

Dance can be a profession, a mere hobby or something you think you do in
your cousin’s wedding.  But movement can also heal deep emotional wounds,
transforming our energy and our life.

Please know that I am not a certified movement therapist.  However, I have
done this workshop in five previous settings, and the participants have
used the experience to help them on their own journeys of healing.

*But I don't know how to dance… What can movement do for me?*

The energy that awakens inside of you, which grows and expands in the
surrounding space when dancing, has some real effects :

It allows you to feel and release deep-rooted emotions.

It makes you conscious about parts of your body we don't pay attention to
in our daily life.

It empowers because it grounds us, connecting us to the earth, creating a
safe space to experiment with power, strength, courage, joy, sensuality,
openness, play…

*Ok, I am dancing. Now what?. .*

All this grounding, connection and empowerment occurs when we dance but it
can also be part of our lives. In our daily life we sometimes experience
high levels of energy, emotional release and body consciousness, but we
rarely pay attention to them. In this workshop we will learn to:

- Increase awareness of our energy levels, emotional states and mood

- Feel our body, receive its messages and interpret them.

- DANCE OUR LIFE AND LIVE OUR DANCE, transforming the information into real

- Recognize our repetitive habits, which can build into obstacles between
us and our authentic selves. We will throw light on them, question them and
observe what information they have for us.

*How??... Therapies and Techniques.*

First, the body. Second, movement. And, with these two essential elements,
we will use:

TCM or basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We will relate our
body and its organs and systems with nature and the elements, learning by
practice how these elements form our body, shape our movement and nourish
our life, bringing balance and regeneration.

Creative writing , visualization.

Tapping and energetic medicine.


Buddhism, meditation and mantras.

Osho: laughter exercise, crying exercise.

Shamanism: recapitulation exercise.

Improvisation and composition choreographic movement techniques.

Flamenco: basic technique principles, history, structure of different

*Is this for me? This is your workshop if you:*

Like dancing  and enjoy group experiences.

Seek a higher level of energy, physical consciousness, self-coherence,
vitality and awareness.

Miss something in your life and feel movement and dance may be good ways to
find it.

Are interested in spiritual and/or energy related techniques and their
relation to the body.

Want to know more about yourself, gain self-esteem and be more comfortable
in your body.


I have spent the last 33 years trying to reconcile my dancing career and my
spiritual search, because, since the very beginning, I realized they were
one: transformation and healing happened invariably like a domino effect,
slowly dissolving the gaps between stage and life, dancer and person,
making me whole as a human being.

In this workshop I want to share how dance and movement  have become my
everyday transformation tools, and how they have brought me joy, vitality
and peace, courage, self-esteem and a stronger spiritual center.

In my spiritual experience :

. India Babaji Ashram, New York Amma Ashram, Osho.

. Shamanism, Carmen Vicente Camino Rojo Vision Quest, Emilio Fiel.

. Titled rebirther.

. Assistant in Women Circles, Carmen Enguita, Spain.

In my dancing career experience :

. “Flamenco” film, Carlos Saura.

. First all women Flamenco Company  “La Diosa en Nosotras”. Compañía Belén
Maya: Sidney Opera House, Teatre de la Ville Paris, Tokyo Bunkamura, Teatro
Real Madrid, Teatro de la Maestranza Sevilla, Teatro Grec Barcelona,
Piccolo Teatro Milan, Symphony Space New York.

. Guest artist with Israel Galván, Rocio Molina, Mayte Martín…

. Critics Award Best Female Dancer 2006 and 2014, Festival de Jerez Best
Show 2014.

. Guest lecturer in  Duke University, Clark University, Drexel University,
Berklee School of Music.
*Visit www.pasionyarteflamenco.org <http://www.pasionyarteflamenco.org> for
additional information.*

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