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Anne Wilson anne.macg.wilson at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 11:01:37 EDT 2019

A reminder that there is a FREE "keening" workshop As part of the* Kinematic
Workshop: Saturday, July 20th, 1-3 pm*

 The Icebox, 1400 N American Street. Register for this one-day, standalone
workshop here

This workshop is open to anyone interested in
wailing/moaning/singing/burping in the beautifully resonant Icebox space.

There are 2 other ways to engage with "keening" this summer. I hope you can
join me!

   -  *5 weeks of Wednesdays, 7/31-8/28, 6-8 pm*

The Whole Shebang, 1813 S 11th st, rear entrance. Email
anne.macg.wilson at gmail.com to register.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in
wailing/moaning/singing/burping in the also-quite-resonant Whole Shebang.
Ideal if you can come to multiple sessions.

FREE but donations accepted to cover the cost of space.

   - *Performance opportunity as part of my show bilialien,* part of a
   mini-festival in partnership with Nichole Canuso Dance Company, part of the
   Fringe festival.

When: *9/6 @ 9 PM, 9/7 @ 3 pm, 9/8 @ 8 PM, 9/9 @ 5 PM, 9/10 @ 1 pm*

Where: Theatre Exile, northwest corner of 13th and Reed

Why? If you’re interested in diving deeper into keening + improvisational
scores, maybe joining a rehearsal/performance process is a good fit for you.

As part of the Fringe show *bilialien*, there will be a 20-30 minute piece
based on this shared practice of keening. Participants will rehearse and
develop improvisational vocal scores together, with an eye towards

The performance will happen in almost-total darkness, and participants will
engage in discussion about how to be credited.

Rehearsals will take place *5 weeks of Wednesdays, 7/31-8/28, 8-10 pm
(right after the shared practice), *at The Whole Shebang, 1813 S 11th St,
rear entrance.

*The time commitments in order to participate in the performance element:*

- Perform in at least 2 out of 5 shows

- Attend at least 3 out of 5 Wednesday night practices and rehearsals

- Attend 2 additional 3-hour rehearsals at a time to be determined by
participants and a doodle survey

- Attend a tech rehearsal Thursday, 9/5, from 6-10 pm at Theatre Exile

Pay: Excellent snacks, and it looks like somewhere between $50-100.

Interested? Questions? Comments? Interested but have some time commitment
obstacles? Have thoughts about my problematic labor practices? Please email
me at anne.macg.wilson at gmail.com.

About keening:

During the development of my solo At Home with the Humorless Bastard, I
developed a vocal practice inspired by the old Celtic practice of keening:
wailing over a recently-dead person’s body. This workshop is an experiment
in “keening” in a group setting. I’d like to offer it to people who might
find it useful in their artistic practices or daily lives, both in moments
of grief/frustration/despair, but also exuberant moments of
joy/love/hypomania. That said, the practice is somewhat co-created by the
folks who are in the room.

Please note: I don’t have many years of vocal training. I'd like to share
this research not from a place of authority, but from a place of experience
and shared curiosity with the other folks in the room. Please take care of
yourself however you need during this workshop.


*www.theanniewilson.com <http://www.theanniewilson.com>*

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