[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] Not all leaks are important - part of SoLow Fest 2019

Sean Thomas Boyt seanthomasboyt at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 09:49:43 EDT 2019

Not all leaks are important

Dance Webinar at 11:00 am, June 13th, 2019

Revolving around information given voluntarily to not-so-secure
organizations, this solo choreographed by Sean Thomas Boyt and performed by
esteemed dancer Kat J. Sullivan deals with the serious repercussions of
mismanaged data.  The responses of an unrelated festival's unsecured Google
Form submission page have been compiled into an easy to digest dance

This dance theater piece plays with prevalent themes in the contemporary
dance sphere in terms of what kind of work is performed, whose dances are
danced, and what information gatekeepers and presenters request from
#AspiringArtists. Utilizing small props and a business-first demeanor, we
organize the submissions' data to preach "best practices" and provide the
internal narrative of reading peers' responses. Comedy, scandal, and some
post-modern dancing are neatly packaged to raise questions in the minds of
dance viewers and analysts forever.

Sean Thomas Boyt
extreme movement artist & more
*STBDancing.com <http://www.STBDancing.com>*

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