[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] We Explore Radical Kinship at Ponderosa July-August 2019

joy mariama smith joytoy13 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 8 06:01:30 EDT 2019

Hello Dear ones,

It's been a while.
I like you and I want to see you!

I wanted to let you know that this summer I put a lot of work into curating and forming and shaping some interesting programming at ponderosa this summer. I want it to not get cancelled so I need your help. Ideally I would LOVE you ALL to COME... but at the very least can you share?

I want to tell you some key things (the rest you can cruise around on the Ponderosa<https://www.ponderosa-dance.de/werk.html> website and take a look)

The programing is called WERK (We Explore Radical Kinship)
and it is something that I think we are all busy with in some way, but I wanted to create programming that would support this at ponderosa I wanted to create platforms, opportunities and openings for us to do it together. I am talking about folx that are movers and shakers and doers and makers! But also the silent types. There is space for all of us!  I want us to feel welcome, nurtured and held, but also work hard and play hard.

To that end, I have devised programming in three parts:
Color Block- is for and by artist of color. the focus is for people of color to heal learn and grow together. to find each other to be visible.
PoC kinship space.  at times we can feel isolated, or just mis-read, misunderstood and all that other stuff in white spaces. this space is not white and is for you!

RAR! - is for artist and activist and cultural workers or just anyone that experiences burnout. freelancers! those of us that have been working at some point in an economy of scarcity. no more! we want to work in systems of abundance, and radical abundance. so we will create a ruckus and stir shit up. disrupt hierarchies and work towards decentralizing capitalist thinking around work and productivity. we will chill and think together on how to do this is our lives. we will cook together, and there will be a dance party.

'Tipping Utopia' unconference- is a WILD CARD carefully curated, but not rigidly planned un-conference with lovely people that will catalyze conversations actions, talks, workshops, walks, rest, and more around the many shapes and sizes and notions around the concept of 'tipping utopias'. Meaning, how we work, play, eat, live, together... or separate. Autonomy vs collectivity. Equity vs equality. Intersectionality? confusion, love, desire, hierarchy, power, money...commodification, politics, sustainability ... all the juicey stuff. bring whatever you bring. We work from our collective knowledge together. ALL WELCOME

Joy Mariama Smith

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