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Jessica Warchal-King jessica at kyld.org
Wed Apr 3 14:37:53 EDT 2019

Today’s the last day to apply for KYL/D’s InHale/ ExHale Performance

KYL/D’s InHale/ ExHale Performance Series

Call for Submissions

Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers invites performance artists of all genres- dance,
music, spoken word to submit work for KYL/D’s InHale/ ExHale Performance
Series on Friday, May 10th & Saturday, May 11th at 7:30pm. Applications are
due April 3rd.

KYL/D’s InHale/ ExHale Performance Series offers a supportive environment
that fosters creative exchange of ideas, cultivates community, and provides
opportunities for members of the public to experience a wide spectrum of
dance/ movement disciplines.

Selected artists receive free performance space, technical assistance and
audience feedback.

To date, KYL/D has presented over 800 movement artists from PA and beyond
including from DC, NY, VA, MD, MA, CT, IL, NC, and MI. The shows fill to

Complete an application here: http://www.kyld.org/inhale/

The application process includes a work sample, artist description and $20
application fee. Artists will be notified one month before the performance.

For more information

visit: http://www.kyld.org/inhale/

Call: 267-687-3739

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“In a city like Philadelphia where even the established companies find
themselves vying for the same audiences, it’s easy for emerging artists to
get overlooked. Fortunately, the quarterly InHale Performance Series,
hosted by Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers at the CHI Movement Arts Center, gives
up-and-coming choreographers a much needed and well deserved chance to
strut their stuff.” ~The Dance Journal

Get your tickets for KYL/D at the Annenberg Center, April 12th-13th!

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