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Tue Dec 11 10:00:57 EST 2018

They are here!  Aleks Borys and Wojciech Grudziński just arrived on Sunday
and tonight is the first class with Wojciech. Come, its only $12 at the door
and it will be a blast. 



POPULUXE workout with Wojciech - Dec. 11 & 12 at 6pm -7.30pm 
The Overview Effect with Aleksandra - Dec. 15 at 4pm - 6pm

$12 each or $30 for all for Philadelphiadance.org membership holders and
students at the door. 



Dec. 14 & 15 at 8pm

$12 - $20 sliding scale


performance by

Aleksandra Borys(PL)

Wojciech Grudziński(PL)

Zornitsa Stoyanova(USA/BUL) 


All at Mascher Dance (a.k.a. Mascher Space Cooperative)

155 Cecil B. Moore Ave., #2R , Philadelphia, Pa. 19122


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/346545046076338/ 

Tickets: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3908475 



WORKSHOPS description:

POPULUXE workout is a choreographic practice inspired by concept of luxury
movement. This class uses improvisation, readymades and reimagining as
method toward re-patterning populuxe aesthetic. 


The Overview Effect with Aleksandra

During the workshop we will look at the human body, the environment, planet
Earth and the universe and ask what kind of choreography and dance occurs
between them. Interested in looking at Earth from a distance, known as The
Overview Effect, we will wonder on how this perspective can change the way
our physical body is approached. 


SHOW description:


choreography, performance, concept: Wojciech Grudziński

music: Wojtek Blecharz

artistic coaching: Peter Pleyer

production: Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk in the frame of Solo
Projekt Plus 2018


Derived from the combination of luxury and popular, Populuxe was a new
consumer and cultural aesthetic popular in the 1950s in the United States.

"Populuxe" works in lines, forms, textures and colors to give to us beauty,
charm and elegance in conveniences, comforts and necessities. "Populuxe"

balances between the individual and the social, between Googie architecture
and the historical figure of Sergei Diaghilev, between the unequal
distribution of wealth and ecology, to create a synthetic choreographic
genre based on the concept of luxury movement. "Populuxe" exists in the
spirit of the thoroughly vulgar joy of being able to live so well.


Momentum* when matter meets antymatter by Aleksandra Borys is a work that
invites audience to share the experience of the physical language that not
only human bodies, but also all the beings and all the life on earth share,
which is movement. It wishes to invite everyone to focus on, allow yourself
to take part in, enjoy the dance that is happening all around.

It wonders of what is the movement, when does it happen and how is it
different to dance, or is it?


Solo and Untitled - work in progress by Zornitsa Stoyanova is part of her
ongoing research with Mylar material. She is fascinated by the cultural
meaning behind the material that keeps the international space station
together, is used in indoor farming to grow food, keeps runners from
freezing, keeps injured from going into shock, is given to immigrant
children taken away from their parents at the U.S. border instead of a real




Aleksandra Borys (PL) is an art and science artist working in the fields of
choreography, video, installation, astronomy, astrology, cosmology,
mythology and ecology. She asks what the concepts of ecological art, of art
as activism, of choreography as a project of generating contemporary social
ceremonies, can do to help individuals deal with the multiple crises on
Earth. Aleksandra received in 2016 a Master of Art and Science from Central
Saint Martins, University of the Arts in London; in 2009 a BA in
Contemporary Dance from CODARTS, University of the Arts in Rotterdam; in

2003 she graduated from National Ballet School in Lodz. In 2015 she received
The Research Scholarship by Grazyna Kulczyk.

www.aleksborys.com <http://www.aleksborys.com> 


Wojciech Grudziński (PL) - graduate of Ballet School in Warsaw and
contemporary dance department Codarts in the Netherlands. He is a recipient
of Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage's scholarship. Over the
course of his dance education, he took part in performances choreographed by
Itamar Serussi, Hans van Manen, Ed Wubbe and Jiří Kylián, a.o.. He
participated in projects by Jens van Daele, David Bolger, Marta Ziółek,
Magdalena Przybysz and Ula Sickle. He was one of the artists of Warsaw
version of "Gala" by Jérôme Bel that premiered at Nowy Teatr as part of the
Body/Mind Festival 2017. At the same time, he developed his own
choreographic practice. He cooperated with La Cambre academy in Brussels. In
the years 2016-2017, he created two own solo performances: "SLAVE4YOU
dlaciebiedlarodziny" and "PAX".


Zornitsa Stoyanova (USA/BUL) is an award-winning (Rocky Award 2017 for
Explicit Female) performance artist, curator, writer, lighting and video
designer based in Philadelphia, PA. A native of Bulgaria, she produces and
presents both her own and other's work under the name Here[begin] Dance.

In performance, she questions the ideas of the constructed structures of the
theater and pushes the boundaries of social propriety though audience
interaction. Mylar reflective material and custom lighting are integral part
of her most recent stage, video, and photography work. Since becoming a
mother in 2013 she has focused on making work about the female body,
feminist ideas and imagery.

Zornitsa also seeks out professional development opportunities researching
art practices in isolating gesture and communication and looking for
emotional content and potential for meaning. Her most influential teachers
include Deborah Hay, Meg Stuart, Miguel Gutierrez, Michelle Boule, Ishmael
Houston Jones, Susan Rethorst, Fay Driscoll, Luciana Achugar, Danny Lepkoff.

She has performed for Eiko & Koma, Boris Charmatz, Cie. Willy Dorner, Lionel
Popkin, Group Motion and others.

Zornitsa is also a supporter for a sustainable dance community and is deeply
invested in helping further conversation and collaboration. As Here[begin]
Dance she has curated and produced Current: an evening of dance and art and
Dance Cinema Projects. She has hosted and organized multiple classes for the
community and taught free workshops in making websites for artists and
budgeting. In the past four years she has ran a free community dance
workshop called Get What You Need. She teaches improvisation technique for
performance, dance on camera and composition and has done so in
Philadelphia, France, Hungary and her native Bulgaria. Zornitsa writes for


performance artist | curator | lighting designer | photographer | filmmaker
| teacher
 <https://www.instagram.com/zstoy/> IG:@zstoy 
 <http://www.herebegindance.com/> www.herebegindance.com


Dance writer for
Programs and Finance Administrator at  <http://www.mascherdance.org/>
Mascher Dance


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