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Tue Oct 2 14:12:06 EDT 2018

E|MERGE 2019
April 9-21, 2019https://www.earthdance.net/emerge2019
Are you or someone you know interested in different modes of creative collaboration? Then E|MERGE 2019 is for you! This residency is ideal for those interested in collaborating and cross-pollinating ideas with artists from other disciplines and backgrounds. E|MERGE is a unique residency that has grown organically into a national and international network of highly skilled artists who continue to support and develop one another's work, beyond the residency itself. E|MERGE 2019 will be held at Earthdance Creative Living in western Massachusetts.
Past residents have said:
"So nourishing and fulfilling, rigorous and relaxed, healing and self-guided, based around structures of eating together." 
"The unstructure within the structure- the freedom to really go off and be my own project person."
"The collaborative exploration fed my own process." 
"… taking my time, slowing down, and being informed by the many conversation, dates, and encounters with other participants." 
"Respect, love, freedom, calm, silence, magic." 
Questions? Contact earthdanceemerge at gmail.com

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