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How To Dance

- 54 Dances To Enjoy From The Comfort Of Your PDF Viewer -
- https://www.stbdancing.com/howtodance.html -

written by Sean Thomas Boyt
performed by !?!?!?!!?!?!?!???!

An online library of new, unseen, and unperformed moves to read, make, and
execute scrawled within many (too many) minimal dance scores.
This collection of convenient dances can be used as a teaching tool,
performance generator, fitness regiment, or creative outlet.  Learn to
physicalize movement through literacy by studying this original archive.

"Humorous!" - "Is this dada?" - "Post-Post-Post-Modern"
"...strikingly minimal... ...technically engaging...." - "What it lacks in
rigor, it makes up for in..."
"barely legible" - "Quantity over quality, I suppose." - "A brilliant voice
out of the millennial think piece era..."



Sean Thomas Boyt
*STBDancing.com <http://www.STBDancing.com>*

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