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danceLogic Program Combines Coding and Choreography

“danceLogic is a space where creativity lives in arts and science, here
young girls have infinite possibilities” — Shanel Edwards, Instructor.

The West Park Cultural Center is offering their danceLogic program for the
second time this year, a unique S.T.E.A.M. program that combines dance and
computer coding leading to development of original choreography and
performance. Girls ages 13 through 18 years old learn the value of focus,
dedication, and teamwork, as well as industry standard coding language.

danceLogic is an innovative program designed to educate, inspire and
cultivate girls of color, regardless of their background or financial
status, to explore the S.T.E.A.M. field: science, technology, engineering,
arts and mathematics in a creative, active and exciting structure. Dance
and coding have similar language involving repetition, direction, and
combinations. The program uses dance to spark an interest in STEAM, now and
in the future.

Shanel Edwards, co-instructor of dancelogic, says “danceLogic is helping
these girls have access to the arts realm and science world as possible
career paths, it is allowing them to stretch their own boundaries of what
success looks like for them.”

During the dance class, led by instructors Shanel Edwards of D2D The
Company and Annie Fortenberry, a performer with Ballet 180, the girls learn
dance skills and movement techniques. This is followed by an hour of
learning industry standard coding language under the direction of coding
instructor Franklyn Athias, Senior Vice President Network and
Communications Engineering at Comcast who says “I’m helping the kids see
that someone, just like them, was able to use Science and Technology to
find a very successful career.”
When the girls progress to creating their own choreography, they use coding
as a reference. “The combination of dance and logic have good synergies.
Learning something like dance requires practice, just like coding”,
explains Franklyn Athias. “Yes, the dance is more physical, but it requires
the students to try, fail, and try again. Before long, the muscle memory
kicks in and the student forgets how hard it was before. Coding is really
the same thing. Learning the syntax of coding is not a natural thing.
Repetition is what makes you become good at it. After learning the first
programming language, the students can learn other programming languages
because it becomes much easier.”Annie Fortenberry adds “My favorite thing
about the program is that the students can explore leadership roles. By
building their own choreography and supporting each other in coding class,
they navigate creating and sharing those creations, as well as resolving
conflict to make one cohesive dance. There’s a lot of beauty and bravery in
that process.”

The very first session of DanceLogic culminated with a special performance
at the 11th Annual West Park Arts Festival. The girls performed
choreography, shared what they learned and how it has impacted their lives.
They committed to continuing their coding education over the summer and
into the new school year.

To sign up or learn more, please visit: www.westparkcultural.org/dancelogic

*FALL SESSION STARTS OCTOBER 6THFee: $50Class Day/Time: Saturdays 12:00pm –
2:30pmLocation: to be announcedAPPLY NOW (Limited Slots)   *

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