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Nicole Bindler nicolebindler at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 13:55:23 EDT 2018

This Sunday from 1-3pm at Headlong Studios, Mark Rietema, who's visiting
from London, will be teaching a Contact Improvisation class on the theme of
under dancer and over dancer, and how that concept relates to the idea of
support precedes movement within embodied anatomy. How do we find support
for expression within ourselves, and how does this translate into a duet,
and the transition between solo and duet? We will use these nuanced
transitions to find ease within lifts.

$10. Join us!

Mark Rietema teaches and practices Body-Mind Centering and Contact
Improvisation in London, as well as working as a psychotherapy and
facilitator trainee (Process Oriented Psychology). He also works regularly
as a community mental health social worker. Mark graduated with an MA in
Community Arts, using his skills to perform and co-devise performances and
installations (UK and USA) and to facilitate participatory video projects.
He enjoys hitting random objects for rhythmical purposes and was a long
time member of Rhythms of Resistance , a political samba band that uses
'tactical frivolity', as well as many other activist groups. He has
experiences of direct action and group facilitations of different sizes. He
is a certified Practitioner through the School for Body-Mind Centering and
is passionate about improvisation, somatics, politics and psychology and
curious to constantly challenge and question his own paradigms, prejudices
and assumptions.

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