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Mon Apr 23 10:59:10 EDT 2018

Dear dance community,
This is the very last reminder for the deadline.  Email me if you have any

The legendary Deborah Hay is coming to offer a workshop this summer at
Mascher Space Cooperative.
The workshop is actually cheaper than any I have seen her do elsewhere in
the world. 

While we can't offer financial assistance as we need to pay her fee,
housing, travel and per-diem, we are super supportive 

if you want to raise the money through your community. 

We can provide language, photos and anything else you may need.  


This workshop is open only to professional level dancers/movers/makers and
you need to be able to commit to the whole week. Hope you can apply!!!!!

DEADLINE to apply April 25th, 2018


a continuity of discontinuity or a way to practice dance

no walking, no running, no laying on the floor, no hanging out in the body,
no stretching, no floppy arms or hands, no deliberate loss of grounding, no
noodling, no prolonged narrative movement, no obvious sequence of movement,
no prolonged body memory apparent, no time to explore, no obvious
frontality, no need to be creative or unique, no obvious adrenalin driven
movement, no apparent inner timing driving your dancing, no hesitation or


June 11th - 15th, 2018 from 10am - 5pm all at Mascher Space Cooperative with
an hour lunch each day.

price is $420 to $480
sliding scale for the week


A Mascher Space subsidized project, this workshop is open to professional
level dance/movement artists.  We are opening 8 spots for Mascher members
and 8 spots
for non-members.  If you are interested, but don't live in Philadelphia, we
will help you find housing for the duration of the workshop.

Previous familiarity with Deborah Hay's work is not required, but we are
trying to create a well-balanced and rigorous group of attendees.  This is
why we have a short application process.


Thank you,
Zornitsa Stoyanova

Programs Coordinator at Mascher Dance


performance artist | curator | lighting designer | photographer | filmmaker
| teacher
writer for thinkingdance.net 

 <http://www.herebegindance.com> www.herebegindance.com


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