[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] Celebrate the Ides of March with a knifeplay class!

Brittany Holdahl brittany.holdahl at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 11:08:03 EDT 2018

 Hello, Movement Artists!

What better way to embrace the spirit of the Ides of March: Coming together
to stab in groups... *For a theatrical knifeplay class!*

There is another Knives in the Dark! class tonight from 7 to 9PM! Panorama
Philly (5213 Grays Ave), $20.
Classes run every Thursday night throughout March and April.

All skill levels enthusiastically welcomed!
Now's a good time to join if you are theatrical violence artist looking to
get recertified by the Society of American Fight Directors this year!
This is also an excellent opportunity if you are just interested in
learning about stunt choreography and theatrical violence!

Contact your instructor, Oliver Donahue, at argentcombat at gmail.com to
reserve your spot.
And don't forget to check out our Facebook group
<https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArgentCombat/> for information on upcoming
workshops and events!

Administrative Coordinator, Argent Combat

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