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*Free Audition or Workshop with Lyons and TigersSaturday February 17, 2018-
 3:30-6:30 PMor/andSunday February 18, 2018-  3:30-6:30 PMBoth workshops
will be held at The Iron Factory, 118 Fontain Street, 3rd Floor,
Philadelphia, PAEasily accessible via bike or car (street parking on Howard
or Mascher Street) or the MFL (blue line) subway.Lyons and Tigers (Darcy
Lyons) seeks all genders of performers for dance theater performances in
spring/summer and fall/winter 2018. Interested participants can take one or
both workshops, and taking both is recommended. Please read more below, and
formally RSVP by emailing darcy at lyonsandtigers.org
<darcy at lyonsandtigers.org> with the subject line “Audition or
Workshop”.Rehearsals will be 4-8 hours a week. Performances are paid.
**This is listed as an audition or workshop because performers are welcome
to take is as a free workshop without the intent of auditioning! You can
just come and play and have fun.**A note from me, Darcy, about
auditioning:Auditioning sometimes isn’t fun, but try not to stress. My aim
is to keep it a low key, low stress, fun and creative dancing time. I think
it’s important to have auditions and create opportunities in a city that
doesn’t host a lot of auditions. It’s important to see and be seen in an
ever growing dance community. I see auditioning as a two way street, as in
we’re both auditioning each other. Come see if working with me is a
commitment you’d like to take on this year. If not, that’s okay too. Don’t
let the “a” word discourage you, and do let the “w” word excite you. And
the word FREE! Hope to see you there! With encouragement,DarcyIf you
absolutely cannot make the audition, but are interested, please email Darcy
with a video of yourself dancing, and a resume, and 2 or 3 days and times
you are available to audition before March 1, and your (rough) weekly
rehearsal availability. About choreographer Darcy Lyons:Darcy Lyons
starting dancing at the age of seven and has not stopped. She was born and
raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She received a B.F.A in dance from
California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 2010 and has since been
living, working, performing, and creating dance work in Philadelphia. Darcy
has choreographed many dance works for the stage, dance films, and dance
installations. She has produced and shown work in the following shows:
ASKEW June 2017, Bricolage March 2017, Patchworks May 2016, WALLS: A
multimedia dance installation Fringe Festival 2015,  and MAEI MAEI AEIM
January 2013. She has shown her work in several performance series in
Philadelphia and New York, including Performance Garage Open House, Group
Motion’s Spiel Uhr series, SHARE at The Iron Factory, and WAX Works in
Brooklyn. She has been a guest artist with Group Motion Dance Company, and
has been a consistent participant of the Group Motion Monday Night Improv
Lab since 2010. From 2010-2014, she was a company member of Sutie Madison’s
Band of Artists. She has also worked with choreographers Lora Allen and
Lacy James. She is a certified and practicing Pilates and GYROTONIC®
instructor in the Philadelphia area.Artist Statement:I value honesty. I
create work from a place that is real to me and I won’t offer any candy
coating. I am interested in creating work that is physical, emotional, and
thought provoking. Some of my work tells a clear story, and a lot of my
work is abstract. I take good care of the work that I make and the
collaborating dancers and artists. In a world that is full of hate and
meanness, I strive to live and make work with compassion for myself and
others. Humor is a necessity. While it doesn’t consistently show up in
obvious ways in my work, the rehearsal process always contains laughter.
It’s important to have fun and work hard. I make room for both to happen in
my rehearsals. I practice kindness. I value rest and exertion. I’m not
afraid to be strange or bold. I view making art as a constant chance to
experience, communicate, make mistakes, fail, succeed and grow. I am often
driven by pain, joy, recklessness, and calmness. I value simplicity and
complexity; I want to see a dancer walk and I want to see a dancer use
every muscle in their body. I take artistic risks for better or worse. I am
devoted to my work and to my physical and mental health. There is room for
silence and noise, and there is always room for collaboration. I persevere
despite all odds. I am a choreographer, improviser, and performer who is
persistently looking to expand my creative practice. My work usually begins
with a concept and sometimes with music or a prop and then the movement and
additional collaborative content (if applicable) are created. I value
concept and physicality equally. I value both simplicity and complexity in
my practice, humor and grief, the benign and the bizarre. I do not have a
standard way of creating. I create based on what the piece demands;
sometimes the piece demands just movement and music, but more often I am
interested in meshing movement and music with artistic forms such as spoken
or recorded text, props, sets, visual art, film and still projection, or
any number of these in combination with each other. In creating, I ask
myself, “how can the concept(s) be expressed richly and fully and what
artistic practices will it take for this to happen?” When using elements
besides the dancing body and mind, I ask myself how can one element or
another be part of the greater whole, so that each artistic element of a
piece has its own presence and states a message that is not the same, but
adds a layer to what the other elements provide the piece.I choreograph
work for the stage, performance installations, and dance films. I revel in
crossing those fabricated lines that often restrict dance making. I enjoy
experimenting and taking risks. My work pushes the edges of discomfort,
crawls into the risky places that make our hairs stand on end, make our
hearts softly open to the world, or pull us into one of the many places in

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