[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] $15 industry tickets to Sp3 at FringeArts

Raina Searles raina at fringearts.com
Fri Feb 2 13:08:52 EST 2018

*Sp3 by <fidget> at FringeArts has two more performances at 8pm tonight
(Friday) and Saturday!*

Artists can use the discount code "artist15" to get $15 tickets to these
performances while tickets are still available!

In our age of social media and political division, simply being together
has become a political act.  In a highly physical and expressive
performance, Sp3 explores themes of alienation and the technologized self.
Acclaimed Philadelphia dance collective <fidget> explores the concept of
"presence" to ask: how can one remain present, embodied, and engaged?  How
can the body resist complacency and be a site of resistance?

A collaboration between choreographer Megan Bridge and composer Peter
Price, Sp3 is rooted in music that relies on computer algorithms to produce
a layered, multifaceted sound world.  Dancers respond to this sonic
tapestry with clear, formal architectures and densely textured movement,
both responding to the computerized music and fighting to remain autonomous
from it.


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