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Tomorrow Ralph Lemon, an exceptional dance-maker and interdisciplinary artistawarded the National Medal of Arts by President Obama, begins a residency atBryn Mawr College, starting with a FREE MASTER CLASS. On Friday and Saturday he’lloffer a performance/lecture and a marathon screening of his creations from 10years of travel and collaboration with international casts. We hope you canjoin us, and we are offering industry comps (see below)!

Ralph Lemon Master Class (free)
Thursday, February 1, 4p.m.
Pembroke Studio, noregistration required

Ralph’s bio and Information about the rest ofthe residency follows:
Creator of HybridPerformance Ralph Lemon Explores Art, Race, and Identity

Ralph Lemon offers CeremoniesOut of the Air (a lecture/performance), on Friday, February 2,at 8 p.m. in Hepburn Teaching Theater, Goodhart Hall. A highlyinfluential maker of performance, writing, and visual art, Lemon works with thecomplexities of geography, history, memory, and the body. The New Yorkernotes how “his way of describing his dances, with his mind on fire” can be asfascinating as the creations themselves. In Ceremonies Out of the Air,he merges live performance, storytelling, and film to invoke his long-standingexploration of the American South.

The Geography Trilogy Screening with Ralph Lemon and special guestsfollows on Saturday, February 3, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. in HepburnTeaching Theater, Goodhart Hall. Lemon’s The Geography Trilogy is aprofound, and worldwide, 10-year inquiry into the social gravities of art,race, and identity at the turn of the 21st century. The Series video screeningwill feature the complete Trilogy: Geography (1997), Tree (2000),and Come home Charley Patton (2004), with commentary and readingsby Lemon and close collaborators Katherine Profeta (dramaturg) and DavidThomson (performer) and others.

To request an industry comp, email reservations at brynmawr.edu. Buy tickets here.

Ralph Lemon
Ceremonies Out of theAir (a lecture/performance)
Friday, February 2, 8 p.m.
The Geography Trilogy Screening
Saturday, February 4, 1–7:30 p.m.
Screening Schedule for TheGeography Trilogy:
1 p.m. Geography (1997) 
3:30 p.m. Tree (2000) 
5:45 p.m. Come home Charley Patton (2004)

Audience members will be welcome to come and go during this six+ hour marathon.See below for details on the films.*

All events (except the Master Class) will take place in Goodhart Hall, BrynMawr College, located at 150 N. Merion Avenue in Bryn Mawr, PA. Flexsubscriptions of five tickets to remaining series events are $90 each, $75 forseniors. Tickets to individual events are $20, $18 for seniors, $10 forstudents and Dance Pass holders or members of dancephiladelphia.org, and $5 forchildren under 12. Tickets, subscriptions, group sales and more information areavailable online through Brown Paper Tickets, at https://www.brynmawr.edu/performing-arts-seriesor by calling 610-526-5210.

Ralph Lemon (Creator, Choreographer and Director) is a director,choreographer, writer, visual artist and curator, and the Artistic Director ofCross Performance, a company dedicated to the creation of cross-cultural andcross-disciplinary performance and presentation. His most recent works include ScaffoldRoom (2014), the innovative dance/film project Four Walls(2012), and How Can You Stay in The House All Day and Not Go Anywhere?(2008-2010), a work with live performance, film and visual art that touredacross the United States. The immersive visual art installation, Meditation,which was part of How Can You Stay… was purchased for the permanentcollection of the Walker Art Center in 2012. In January 2011, a re-imaginedsection of How Can You Stay… was performed at the Museum of Modern Artin New York City in conjunction with On Line: Drawing through the TwentiethCentury. Lemon curated the fall 2012 performance series Some sweet dayat MoMA, and the acclaimed 2010 performance series I Get Lost at DanspaceProject in NYC.

Lemon’s visual art work was shown in a group exhibit When the Stars Begin toFall: Imagination and the American South at the Studio Museum of Harlem(summer 2014). His solo visual art exhibitions include: 1856 Cessna Roadat The Studio Museum in Harlem, NYC (2012); How Can You Stay In The HouseAll Day and Not Go Anywhere?, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SanFrancisco (2010); (the efflorescence of) Walter, Contemporary ArtCenter, New Orleans (2008), The Kitchen, NYC (2007) and Walker Art Center,Minneapolis (2006); The Geography Trilogy, Zilkha Gallery at WesleyanUniversity, Middletown, CT (2001); and Temples, Margaret Bodell Gallery,NYC (2000). His group exhibitions include: When the Stars Begin to Fall:Imagination & the American South, The Studio Museum in Harlem; Move:Choreographing You, Hayward Gallery, London, UK and The Record:Contemporary Art and Vinyl, Nasher Museum at Duke University, Durham, NC.Lemon’s book, Come home Charley Patton, the final in a series documentingThe Geography Trilogy, was published in 2013 by Wesleyan UniversityPress.

In 2015, Lemon was honored with the National Medal of Arts, presented byPresident Barack Obama. In 2012, he received one of the first Doris DukePerforming Artist Awards; he was also one of the first artists to receive theUnited States Artists Fellowship (2006). He is recipient of two"Bessie" Awards (1986, 2005); two Foundation for Contemporary ArtAwards (1986, 2012); two New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships (2004, 2009);a 2009 Guggenheim Fellowship; a 2004 Bellagio Study Center Fellowship; and the1999 CalArts Alpert Award.

Lemon has been an IDA Fellow at Stanford University (2009); artist-in-residenceat Temple University (2005-06); Miller Endowment Visiting Artist at theKrannert Center (2004); Fellow of the Humanities Council and Program in Theater& Dance at Princeton University (2002); and Associate Artist at YaleRepertory Theatre (1996-2000). For the fall 2011 semester he was a VisitingCritic with the Yale University School of Art’s Sculpture Department. He alsoserved as the 2013-14 Annenberg Fellow at the Museum of Modern Art, where hecurated a series of “performance essays,” titled Value Talks.

In 2005, Ralph Lemon completed The Geography Trilogy, a 10-year projectthat was a profound self-examination and a sustained inquiry into the socialgravities of art, race and identity at the turn of the 21st century. TheTrilogy developed a global performance and visual language that wassimultaneously modern and traditional, East and West, light and dark, formaland free form. The three evening-length performances that made up TheGeography Trilogy featured performers and collaborators from the U.S., Côted'Ivoire, Guinea, India, Japan, China and Taiwan.

The primacy of process, and the richness of materials that process uncovered--artistic, emotional, historical-- created profound questions for Lemon as tohow best to “translate” the process and “control” the materials in order tobring a work for audiences to the stage. The ongoing struggle between processand production created a tension that became a vital element in the Trilogy works,which ultimately included dance/theater performances, books, video journals,web projects and gallery exhibitions.

Part 1: Geography (premiered 1997), begins with Lemon's exploration intoapparent African and post-African connections to his life as an AfricanAmerican. The cast includes nine men of African descent from Cٴe d'Ivoire,Guinea and the U.S.

In Part 2: Tree: (premiered 2000), Lemon directed his inquiry to Asia,following his attraction to Buddhism and how it might generate an artaesthetic. Tree places the energy and sound of the "Africa" ofGeography next to a perceived Asian "quiet," while exploringthe collision of tradition and modernity through contemporary performance.Performers include male and female dancers and musicians from Cٴe d'Ivoire,China, India, Japan, Taiwan and the United States.

For Part 3: Come home Charley Patton (premiered 2004), Lemon returned toAmerica. Here, he visits charged sites from the volatile history of the CivilRights period, performed ritual "counter-memorials" at lynchingsites, and danced in the living rooms of relatives of early blues musiciansfrom the Mississippi Delta. Lemon also weaves ideas from a mix of iconoclasticartists of contemporary literature and performance art, from James Baldwin toBruce Nauman, into this historically charged research of rural America. Comehome Charley Patton investigates how different generations remember thesame critical events and places; what kind of narratives do justice totraumatic memories; and what form memories can ultimately take through theaesthetic works of this project. The exploration of these elements contributesto a performance where documentary footage and autobiography shares the stagewith the abstraction and fiction of contemporary dance/theater.

Audiences for the live Geography Trilogy had to wait two to four yearsbetween performances – the time it took for Lemon's research trips andintensive rehearsals as he worked with collaborators to grapple with theimpossible tasks he had assigned himself.

The 2017-2018 Bryn MawrCollege Performing Arts Series receives state arts funding support through agrant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealthof Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

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