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Tue Jan 30 22:18:22 EST 2018

<fidget>’s Sp3 premieres this weekend, Feb 1-3 at FringeArts

Thursday Feb 1, 8pm
Friday Feb 2, 8pm
Saturday Feb 3, 8pm

140 North Columbus Blvd (at the Race St. Pier)
Philly, PA
Tickets and info are here

Music/Lead Artist: Peter Price
Choreography: Megan Bridge (in collaboration with the dancers)
Performed by: Megan Bridge, Marie Brown, Ann-Marie Gover, Megan Wilson Stern, Zornitsa Stoyanova, Kat Sullivan
Costumes by: Patricia Dominguez

Sp3 is shorthand for “space, pulse, pattern, and presence,” four abstract concepts from which this interdisciplinary music and movement work grew. Sp3 obliquely grapples with the increasingly post-human nature of modern living, where technology is wedged between us and everything, breaking into our interpersonal relationships as well as our relationships to time and our environment. The show seeks to disrupt this interference, relocate the organic, and position the notion of presence as something radical.

Peter Price's 60 minute original musical score is heavily inspired by “pulse pattern minimalism”—popularized by composers like Steve Reich and Terry Riley—as well as the techniques of DJs, and colored by the rich, uncanny sounds of analog synthesizers. Clear, formalist architectures, created through light and choreography, are populated with densely textured movement, created from Bridge’s improvisations and translated to a company of six dancers over a research and practice period of two years. 

Tickets: http://fringearts.com/event/space-pulse-patten-presence/

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/210818517

Interview on FringeArts blog on the creative process behind Sp3. 

Megan Bridge

<fidget> co-director
+1 267-679-4166

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