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Evelyn L roserockevelyn at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 22:34:08 EST 2018

 O Lamentations!

The Bumblefish, the third in as many years, has died!  A new one must be
chosen! Acolytes, gather!

*The Fleecing, *Almanac Dance Circus Theatre's audience-immersive,
interactive performance event and secret cult election inside returns for
Theatre Week to a historic mansion in Germantown. Part role-playing game,
part performance art festival, part dark monty python-esque comedy and
societal critique, *The Fleecing *will be performed February 8-10 and
15-17, at 8pm each night.

>From circus-inspired feats of strength and balance to theatrical
transmogrifications and prognostications to music and dance, the Devotees
push the limits of their virtuosity to win the votes of you, the Acolytes. The
cast includes: ​Melissa Krodman, Brett Robinson, Aidan O’Shea, Mark Wong,
Dave Gillies, Karen Smith, Jess Adams, Nicole Burgio, Desiree Hall, Martha
Stuckey, Fred Brown, Nick Gillette, Jimmy Grezlak, and John Hawthorne.  The
event is directed by Ben Grinberg and produced by Joseph Ahmed, Evelyn
Langley, and Robin Stamey.

Tickets and more information are available at www.thealmanac.us

Viva la Bumblefish!

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