[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] "Hold like a belly or a basement - izing - speculative grip" at Mascher Space in two weeks

Christina Gesualdi gesualdic at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 13:46:24 EST 2017

Come see a dance piece by Christina Gesualdi and collaborators at Mascher
Space Cooperative.

Hold like a belly or a basement - izing - speculative grip

*Wednesday, December 13th 7PM Friday, December 15th 7PM & 9PM*
*all proceeds from the 9PM show will be donated to the
<http://phillytenantsunion.org/>Philadelphia Tenants Union.

$5-$25 Pay What You Can, No one turned away for lack of funds.
Pay at the door (no online ticket sales) - RSVP on facebook here

at Mascher Space Cooperative <http://www.mascherdance.org/>
155 Cecil B. Moore Ave., 2R
Philadelphia, Pa. 19125

*unfortunately Mascher Space Co-op is on the second floor and is not
wheelchair accessible. Any questions, please call (215) 901-5226 or email
at gesualdic at gmail.com

I (*Christina Gesualdi*) am making a piece with *Edward Snyder*, *Irina
Varina*, and *Julie Verdone*.
...(never-ending-thank-you-to these-three-co-makers)
I am also in it.
A fifth character in the piece is the *Mascher Space Co-op floor*: ...
the variegated wood dance floor with the putty in the cracks
and the whole 2nd floor of the building that stretches beyond our studio
and the structure/structures of the building
and the basement, or if that building has no basement, some place where the
subfloor meets earth
and the structures that put it/us all there
and the cycles of putting and putting and putting
and the overlaps
and the questions
and the stomped-out
and the glazed-over
and the parts with padded edges
and the parts with wild teeth
and the spreadsheeted parts
and the walking parts
and the cycles of putting and putting and putting.

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