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Wed Oct 11 08:54:49 EDT 2017


I need your help.  The space that I was going to rent for aerial bungee
classes has fell through due to the church that owned it and their concerns
with noise.  I mistakenly believed their word, and now we are being thrown
to the curb.

In short, I have a workshop that is occurring Nov. 4th and 5th 8am to 6pm
for 7 people. (they have purchased their tickets and flights and are coming
from all over the nation and even some international..) I need a space that
is around 1200- 1600 square feet that has exposed beams.  It should be in
or around Philly and 10 feet high minimum.

Please please please think about where we could go...do you know of a
space?  Or do you know of someone that might know a space? I could care
less if it's pretty or not.  I have another workshop coming Dec. 8th and
9th as well....(2 sign ups already)

I really appreciate any leads you might have.  I don't know Philly, or it's
surrounding areas well enough to have a firm hold on my options.

Thank you for any help you might provide.

thank you so much for your time,



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Karen A. Fuhrman
Owner, Artistic Director

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