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Loren Groenendaal lorengroenendaal at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 17:37:16 EDT 2017

Dear Philadelphia Movers,

I am looking for a few more movers to join Vervet Dance
<http://www.vervetdance.org/> in our August 12th performances of *SWARM! *in
 "Semi-Composed: Metamorphosis"
<https://www.facebook.com/events/722810894569244/> at the Performance Garage
<http://www.performancegarage.org/> in works that structured improvisations
designed by Loren Groenendaal with Melinda Faylor

If you are interested in* auditioning for SWARM!, *please come to the
audition/first rehearsal *TOMORROW* on *Saturday, July 29th 11am-1pm* at
Performance Garage (1515 Brandywine St. Philadelphia, PA 19130) and if cast
plan on sticking around for more events that day and the next 2
Saturdays. Below
is the rehearsal, production, and performance schedule and other pertinent

If you are are simply interested in* learning more about **human
developmental movement patterns and animal body organizations*, you are
welcome to come study that with us too. Workshop is sliding scale $0-20. If
you are only interested in the *workshop,* don't worry about the following
rehearsal dates.

*HOW TO SIGN UP*: If you are interested in the workshop and/or performance
opportunity, please RSVP to Loren Groenendaal at vervetdance at gmail.com.

You do NOT need to send your performer resume as I prefer to meet you in
the studio, rather than on paper.




All of these events are at

The Performance Garage <http://www.performancegarage.org/>, *1515
Brandywine Philadelphia, PA 19130*



*DAY 1= Saturday, July 29, 2017 *

*11**:00am-1:00 pm*

DAY 1 PART 1 Audition/First Rehearsal

<lunch break>


DAY 1 PART 2 Meeting at or near Performance Garage (exact location and time
tba, probably 2:30-3)

to review the score as it relates to music and more details

<mini break>


DAY 1 PART 3 First full cast rehearsal in Performance Garage

*DAY 2 = **Saturday, August 5th, 2017 *

*11:30am- 2:00pm*

2nd full cast rehearsal in Performance Garage

DAY 3= *Saturday, August 12th, 2017 *is TECH/DRESS and SHOW DAY

*3:30pm-5:30pm* *Swarm *performers are part of a 30 minute tech rehearsal
in this 2 hour window, exact time tbd, most likely* 4-5pm*

<dinner break>

*6:00pm-7:30* Performance #1

<short break>

*8:00pm-9:30pm * Performance #2
Ideally, all cast members will be present for all rehearsals, meetings, and
performances, but if there some dancers who cannot make both rehearsals or
both performances, I can consider making an exception for them. Please be
in touch with this information when you RSVP.


Each *SWARM! *dancer should provide themselves with a *fitted black
costume.* A short sleeved T-shirt, leotard, or tank top and black leggings
are ideal. Slightly looser black pants or tights are acceptable. Dark brown
might work.  Loren may have some items to lend if necessary.

Each dancer will work with Loren to secure a *second layer of clothing. *This
is ideally a slightly looser green shirt (short or long sleeved) and pants
(longer than the black ones). This green layer can be any shade of green,
tan, yellow, khaki can work as well. This greenish layer should be simple.
The green clothes should not have any words on them and patterns as well as
pockets, buttons, collars, zippers, collars, etc. should be minimal.

We may add something *shimmery* too.

If you are interested in being in* . . . of changes *as well, please
bring* black,
gray, white, and metallic (silver and gold) clothes* that you can move in.

Bring your costume options to the first rehearsal and all subsequent
meetings. More options is better.

*Make-up *is optional. If worn, it should be light stage, natural colors.
(No hot pink, no sparkles)

*Hair *should ideally be done in a bi-laterally symmetrical and tight
design. In other words, the right and left side should look the same and
hair should not be loose and flopping around. If hair short and has a
strong cowlick, that is fine. Longer hair have a middle part or no part and
could be in 1 central or 2 side pony tails, braids, or buns. 2 is preferred
as it references the antennae of the insects.


All dancers receive training in developmental movement patterns and
performing structured improvisations.

Each performer will have access to professional video footage of the show
to watch for their entertainment or to use in portfolio/performance reel.

Due to Saturday, August 12th being an long day, Loren and Melinda will be
providing a vegetarian dinner on site for the cast. Please keep us posted
on any dietary restrictions.

This project is being paid for out of pocket by the lead artists without
any grant funding, so the budget is limited. However, adult professional
performers will get a stipend, which will increase with ticket sales.

Each performer will receive one complimentary ticket
<https://www.artful.ly/store/events/12683> to a performance.


The work *SWARM *and all others on the show might be adventurous, but they
will also be *kid-friendly. * There will be no nudity, profanity, or
violence. Please keep the rehearsal environment kid-friendly (PG rated) as
well as there may be some children ages 7-17 in the cast.

There is free street *parking* in the neighborhood near the venue. However,
most of the parking is only 2 hours unless you are a resident. You won't be
able to move your car every 2 hours, so come early to find a more permanent

Even better, please consider taking *public transit or carpooling or
biking.* The Performance Garage is very close to the Broad and Spring
Garden stop of SEPTA's Broad Street Line (BSL).

The venue is *wheel chair accessible.*


*Swarm! *is a structured dance improvisation designed by Loren Groenendaal
inspired by both the aleatoric interests and tonality of John Cage's music
as well as the swarming behavior of locusts. The original music is designed
by Melinda Faylor and for this performance will be performed by Melinda
Faylor (piano and electronics) with Julius Masri (percussion) and Charlotte
Munn-Wood (violin).  The dancers change from isolated creatures to more
gregarious entities just as locusts become more sociable as their serotonin
levels increase. The design of the dance structure follows the same pattern
that the locusts inhabit. The improvisatory nature of the score encourages
just enough chaos to keep this artwork present and more like the moment to
moment reality that the locusts live. Further, this blurring of art and
life, presentation and presence is in keeping with interests of John Cage,
a prolific artist of much inspiration for the artists behind *Swarm!*,
Melinda Faylor (composer and pianist) and Loren Groenendaal (dance score
designer and performer). Swarm! has been presented at *Cage Hop* and *Open
Performance *in New York City *Last Mondays* in Philadelphia, and in *In
the Time Before I Knew You* in Washington DC.


*Loren Groenendaal
<http://www.vervetdance.org/more-about-loren-groenendaal.php>* earned an
MFA in Choreography at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a BA
in Dance and Visual Arts from Oberlin College, and is a Certified Movement
Analyst, completing her training at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of
Movement Studies. She is a dancer, improviser, and the founder, artistic
director, and choreographer for Philadelphia-based *Vervet Dance.
<http://www.vervetdance.org/> *She is also a founding member of the Mascher
Space Cooperative and the Impermanent Society of Philadelphia through which
she has curated and produced multiple shows and festivals. Her work has
been supported by multiple venues and organizations on the east coast
including the Biennial of Performance and Sound Art (MA), Frantasia (ME),
Green Space Blooms (NYC), Inhale Series (PHL), Mascher Space Cooperative
(PHL), Mosaic Dance Festival (NJ), North Carolina Dance Alliance Annual
Event Choreographer’s Showcase, Philly Fringe Festival, StudioSeries (PHL),
as well as being supported by residencies at the Abington Art Center (PA)
and the CEC’s New Edge Mix (PHL). Loren builds unique movement vocabularies
drawing from her experience with modern, Balinese, social, breakdance and
contact improvisation. Her work investigates the community building
possibilities of live art, the spectrums between improvisation and
composition and between ritual and performance, and the idea that humans
are part of nature. She is a proponent of complexity, adaptability, and
empathy. She has been teaching creative movement, modern dance,
improvisation and more to children for 15 years.

*Melinda Faylor <https://melindafaylor.com/about/> *is a Brooklyn based
pianist and multimedia collaborator/curator who enjoys working with dance,
theater, puppetry, film, and electronics. In addition to working on her own
projects, she is involved in collaborations with dancer Loren Groenendaal
and the Vervet Dance company, the Curiosity Cabinet, composer Sugar Vendil
and singer Leighanne Saltsman. A graduate of Oberlin College and the
Manhattan School of Music, Melinda is employed as organist/pianist for the
Lutheran Church of Our Savior, as a freelance accompanist and soloist, and
she maintains a private teaching studio. She curated *Get Your Gamel-On!*
 (2011-2012), *Cage Hop *(September 2012), a festival in New York City
celebrating the centennial of innovative American composer John Cage, and
the Firehouse Space *Two Piano Festival: Burning Pianos *(2015).

*In collaboration, Loren and Melinda *often draw on their mutual interests
in nature, Balinese music and dance, and the work of John Cage as
inspiration for their contemporary aesthetic, resulting in percussive music
and movement and a theatrical performance style with ritualistic
connotations. Together, they have made multiple dance/music compositions
together with varying degrees of structure and cast size. Past performances
include: *Cage Hop *(NYC), *colorFULL* (PHL), *Get Your Gamel-On!*
(NYC), *Music
Mondays* at the Advent Lutheran Church (NYC), *StudioSeries* at Studio 34
(PHL), *Last Mondays* at Broad Street Ministry (PHL), *The Salon *(PHL), *On
the Edge of Red *(Greensboro, NC), *SOUP* (Greensboro, NC), *Frantasia*,
(Maine), *H-O-T Series of Philadelphia*, and a shows produced by *Impermanent
Society of Philadelphia *and* Vervet Dance *at Rigby Mansion (PHL).

Hoping to dance with you soon!
*-Loren (and Melinda) *

*Loren Groenendaal*
MFA in Choreography
BA in Dance and Visual Arts
Certified Movement Analyst
Founding Artistic Director of Vervet Dance <http://www.vervetdance.org/>
Founding Member/Curator of Impermanent Society of Philadelphia
Founding Member/Artist in Residence of Mascher Space Cooperative

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