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Thu Jul 27 22:27:07 EDT 2017

*Semi-Composed: Metamorphosis*

Philadelphia-based Vervet Dance <http://www.vervetdance.org/> director Loren
Groenendaal  <http://www.vervetdance.org/more-about-loren-groenendaal.php> and
New York City-based pianist Melinda Faylor
<https://melindafaylor.com/about/> present structured improvisational
compositions from the past decade of their collaboration. All of the pieces
on the program explore the themes of metamorphosis and change. Also on this
concert will be work by special guests NYC composer and saxophonist Charles
Waters <https://charleswaters.bandcamp.com/> with bassist Luke Stewart
<https://lukethings.wordpress.com/about/> and Philadelphia-based
contemporary modern dance artist and University of Arts Professor Curt
Haworth <http://www.uarts.edu/users/chaworth>. Vervet Dance’s ensemble will
be completed by percussionist Julius Masri <http://www.juliusmasri.com/>,
violinist Charlotte Munn-Wood <https://www.charlotte-munn-wood.com/>, and
several area contemporary dancers.

*Semi-Composed: Metamorphosis
<https://www.facebook.com/events/722810894569244/> will have TWO

* <http://www.performancegarage.org/vervetdance-metamorphosis>*
*The Performance Garage
*1515 Brandywine St, Philadelphia, PA *
*Saturday, August 12, 2017 @ 6 p.m. & 8 p.m. *

*Tickets: **https://www.artful.ly/store/events/12683
*$15 student/artist/senior, $25 general*
*at the door $20/$30*

The venue is wheel chair accessible and the show is kid-friendly.

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*About the works:*

Groenendaal and Faylor will be presenting two larger works *SWARM! (2012)*
 and *... of changes (2012)* and a solo dance work accompanied by prepared
piano, *0.03 grams Cantharidin (2009)*. This duo, *0.03 grams Cantharidin*,
takes its inspiration from the “Spanish Fly” beetle, whose secretions have
been distilled to create aphrodisiacs - sometimes with fatal consequences. *…
of changes* comes to life through the use of the I Ching, the Chinese "Book
of Changes". The choice of the I Ching character to be used is determined
though audience participation by coin tossing, resulting in one of the 64
evocative I Ching characters to then be interpreted by the performers.
Metamorphosis is explored in a more literal sense in their work *SWARM!*,
an improvisational game between dancers and musicians which explores ideas
of swarm intelligence in choice making and leaderless movements. These
longtime collaborators develop a creative vision together for each work,
but they don’t hold on to it tightly; they allow themselves and their
ensemble members to take some liberties in the moment, resulting in fresh
and unique performances each time.

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