[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] Underscore is this Saturday 6/24

Loren Groenendaal lorengroenendaal at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 11:59:28 EDT 2017

Hello Philadelphia Dance Community,

Just a friendly Reminder that this year's Global Underscore will be THIS
Saturday, June 24th, 2017 10am-2pm at Mascher Space.

If you haven't participated before or you need a reminder of the structure,
you will need to come to the Talk Through at 9am.

Let me know if you have questions.


*Underscore Talk Through*
When: Saturday, June 24, 2017 9:00AM - 10:00AM
Where: Mascher Space Cooperative <http://www.mascherdance.org/>, 155 Cecil
B. Moore Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19122
Facilitator: Loren Groenendaal

The talk through outlines the score for the Underscore with words, glyphs,
and explanations, so that each person is oriented to how to participate,
allowing for a less verbal space during the actual practice.

Something to write on and something to write with are required.

A talk through is required to participate in the Global Underscore
Practice. If you haven’t had a talk through before, please come. If you
have, you are welcome, but not required to attend.

*Philadelphia Global Underscore Practice*
When: Sunday, June 24, 2017 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Where: Mascher Space Cooperative <http://www.mascherdance.org/>, 155 Cecil
B. Moore Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19122
Facilitator: Loren Groenendaal
How much: $5-15
Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/142241129658863/

"The Underscore is a framework for practicing and researching dance
improvisation that I've been developing since the early 1990s. It is a
score that guides dancers through a series of 'changing states', from solo
deepening/releasing to sensitizing to gravity and support; through group
circulation and interaction, Contact Improvisation engagements, opening out
to full group improvisation with compositional awareness, and back to rest
and reflection. - Nancy Stark Smith Read more here

Any mover who has had an Underscore talk through may participate.

This is NOT a come and go jam, rather there is a structure for a more
focused jam. Plan on committing to the whole session. Built into this long
duration, there is time for preparation and recovery.

As this is a long jam without coming and going, it is highly recommended to
bring SNACKS for yourself and ideally some to share with the group in the
harvest and thanksgiving time at the end.

It is recommended to bring a JOURNAL and PEN for reflection during the

*Knee pads are recommended for this class/session. If you don’t own a pair,
there will be some for sale at this event.

*Loren Groenendaal*
MFA in Choreography
BA in Dance and Visual Arts
Certified Movement Analyst
Founding Artistic Director of Vervet Dance <http://www.vervetdance.org/>
Founding Member/Curator of Impermanent Society of Philadelphia
Founding Member/Artist in Residence of Mascher Space Cooperative

Accepting secure tax deductible donations to Vervet Dance through Fractured
<https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/profile?id=8174#about_project> to
support our ongoing expenses and upcoming projects.

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