[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] 5/6 and 5/7: Weekend of Indian Classical Dance workshops with Master Teacher Rahul Acharya

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Sun Apr 30 14:26:14 EDT 2017

*Saturday, May 6th: Intro to Odissi Workshop 6-9pm *
*with Rahul Acharya and donia salem $50*

In this immersive workshop, participants will explore the elements,
technique, and expressive vocabulary of Odissi, one of India’s
neo-classical dances. The form is known for its percussive footwork paired
with curving movements and sculpturesque poses. Rahul Acharya, one of the
most accomplished Odissi dancers in the world, will also touch upon history
and cultural context. We will dance barefoot. All levels welcome.

*Sunday, May 7th: **Storytelling and Gesture: Abhinaya Workshop 1-4pm*
*with Rahul Acharya $50*

Internationally renowned, award-winning performer and scholar, Rahul
Acharya will lead a one-of-a-kind workshop for professional dancers of all
genres, theater artists, and enthusiasts of Indian dance forms and
aesthetics at Soundspace Philadelpha!!!. Exploring the nuances of rasa
bhava – the theory of emotions as reflected in facial expression and
gestures used in danced storytelling (abhinaya), Acharya will draw from
India’s ancient texts on performing arts, such as Natya Shastra and
Abhinaya Darpana. Mr. Acharya will also guide participants through a series
of exercises developed over many years to thoroughly condition the
performer’s body, mind, and spirit to be able to perfect the art of

*About Rahul Acharya:*
Rahul Acharya’s performances are treasured the world over for their beauty,
artistry, technical skill, and the spiritual force with which they are
imbued. Immersed in the rich culture of Odissi and its devotional roots
since early childhood, Mr. Acharya has cultivated a deep and dynamic
approach to the dance form. Brian Seibert of the NY Times notes, “Mr.
Acharya’s control is amazing, and as he molded himself with no sense of
strain into some of the most acrobatic poses of the god Shiva, he cast a
spell.” Renowned dance critic, Alistar MacCaulay writes, “Mr. Acharya's
refined sculptural firmness, complex gestural eloquence, subtle musical
phrasing and articulate grace are enough to extend most ideas of
masculinity...he connects virility to virtuoso delicacy…”

Dancer, choreographer, and scholar, Rahul Acharya was the 2014 recipient of
the Aditya Vikram Birla Kalakiran Award. In 2013 he received the Ram Gopal
Award for Best Male Solo Dancer from the Dance History Society of India.
Mr. Acharya became the first male Odissi dancer honored by the Sangeet
Natak Akademi with the Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar Award in 2009.
Internationally renowned as a virtuosic artist, he has performed as a
soloist on many of the most celebrated stages around the globe. Rahul is
part of UNESCO's International Dance Council. His dance is inspired by his
teacher, Guru Durga Charan Ranbir, and the late Guru Debaprasad Das. For
more on Rahul, please visit RahulAcharya.com.

Both workshops will take place at Sound Space
<https://www.soundspacephilly.net/>, which is located at 2511 West Girard
Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

You can sign up online for one or both workshops! *Attend both for a
discounted rate of $90!*
For Storytelling and Gesture, go *here*
For Intro to Odissi, go *here
To sign up for both, go* here

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