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*Ba Gua Zhang with Kelly McDonald and Thad Wong3 intensive weekends:
10am-5pm June 3 + 4, Sept 23 + 24, and Nov 18 + 19*
supported by biweekly open practice between intensives
no prior experience required - any one, any level, any discipline

Ba Gua Zhang is a sophisticated method of internal martial arts training.
Ba Gua not only teaches effective self-defense skills, but also activates
limitless potential for self-discovery and self-expression. Its intricately
interwoven and organically complete methodology combines martial training
with Daoist circle walking meditation, internal alchemy and other life
nourishing practices to create profound changes in the body, mind and

These three weekends of intensive training guide students towards building
a personal practice that will grant them access to the full range of Ba
Gua’s benefits. Each day’s class consists of 6 hours of training with a one
hour break in the middle. Each class begins with 1.5 to 2 hours of Nei Gong
(fundamental internal training) followed by 4 to 4.5 hours of intensive Ba
Gua Zhang training. This intensive examination of the training method
combined with individual feedback and corrections sparks leaps of
improvement over the weekends that can then be directly applied to one's
personal practice.

The class will be taught by Kelly McDonald and Thad Wong, both certified Ba
Gua Zhang instructors under Tom Bisio and Internal Arts International.
Together they bring decades of experience in both training and teaching
Chinese medicine and martial arts to the class.

payment will be on a tiered system, based on registration numbers (so
spread the word and bring friends!). All registration fees cover the
weekend intensives as well as biweekly 2 hr open practice sessions between
intensives and a materials fee of $80 for workbooks provided to

10-11 participants $460 each

12-13 participants $410 each

14-16 participants $360 each

17+ participants $310 each

Please register by May 19 to have your registration processed on the tier
system. Any registrations after May 19 will be at the starting $460 rate.

to register or if you have questions: art.at.shebang at gmail.com

The Whole Shebang
1813 South 11th street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

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