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Hello dance community. 
Philadelphia is booming with events, so I’m truly hopeful that some of you will make it out tomorrow night at Mascher.  This is very much a showing in progress and needs your feedback. However, it will still have some music, projections, dancing and talking into a microphone… so… A LOT of experimentation. 

Come its FREE. 

Lick My Gun Group Showing 
Sat. April 15th @ 8 pm 
Mascher Space Coop
155 Cecil B. Moore Ave. 
Phila, PA

FREE or pay what you want
Dancers are:  Nicole Bindler, Haylee Warner, Mira Treatman, Elizabeth Weinstein, Harlee Trautman.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1476410152372245/ 
What is an act of violence?
Towards you?
Towards me?
Towards each other?
Would you consider killing another human?  Why?
Would you accept a gun as a present? 
Why not?  
Do you often feel powerless? 
For almost 3 months I have been rehearsing with a group of dancers asking the above questions and exploring ideas around female sexuality tied to gun violence.  Statistics like, its almost 3 times more likely for you to be killed by your own child or any other toddler than any terrorist strike.
Actually, having kids makes you much more likely to die from gun violence than anything else in the U.S. Obviously, owing a gun increases that likelihood a whole lot more. 

I've been trying to synthesize these ideas all together into different movement modalities and we NEED YOUR HELP.  Come watch this very casual showing for free.  I will hold an official talk back and you are welcome to stay or go.   Come be part of the making of this piece that will premiere in 2018.

Zornitsa Stoyanova 
805 . 340 . 2190 

performance artist | curator | lighting designer | photographer | filmmaker | teacher
writer for thinkingdance.net 


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