[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] Cambrians Summer Intensive Audition 3/12

Olivia Sabee osabee1 at swarthmore.edu
Wed Mar 8 10:10:57 EST 2017


Philadelphia, PA - The Performance Garage

1515 Brandywine Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Registration at 2:30pm

Audition from 3-5pm

$10 audition fee


Session 1: June 18-July 8, 2017

Session 2: July 10-29, 2017


Each 3-Week Session – $1,000

Full 6-Week Session – $1,800


The Cambrians Summer Intensive incorporates multiple techniques taught by
members of the company. This year, the students will be paired up for the
process and will learn Cambrians repertoire, partnering and go through a
mixing process together. We believe this will help us share the experience
of making art in the company and encourage lasting relationships among the
students. The days consist of 3 technique classes everyday with 3 or so
hours of repertoire and creation in the afternoon.

A maximum of 30 students per session are accepted to the program to ensure
individualized attention. We focus on rigorous technical training to create
deep understanding  of your individual anatomy, while unlocking the tools
for your creativity through show creation and performance experience.


Benjamin Wardell – Lines Ballet, Hubbard Street –

Ballet, Low-Flying, Improvisation

Ilya Vidrin – Harvard University –Partnering

Jamy Meek – Hubbard Street, Nederlands Dans Theater –Improvisation, Ballet

Melinda Jean Myers – Trisha Brown Dance Company –Release, Improvisation

Autumn Eckman – Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago, Hubbard Street – Contemporary,

Michel Rodriguez Cintra – Danza Contemporánea de Cuba – Cuban Contemporary,

Tony Orrico – Trisha Brown, Visual Artist – Somatics, Yoga

About the Cambrians:

The Cambrians [KAYM-bree-uns] is a global dance production network, based
out of Chicago, that treats our dance performers as the primary drivers of
choreographic quality and innovation. As a network, we grow by building
relationships between our dancers. At any given time, The Cambrians has a
project running centered on two or three performers, usually living in
different cities. In these projects, the dancers travel to several cities
to make duets or trios with a dozen or more choreographers, chosen by the
performers. The performers then take all the duets that have been made on
them and remix them to create evening-length shows. These projects act as
relationship building gauntlets, through which the performers grow uniquely
adept at dancing together by seeing each other in numerous situations and
through a wide array of dance forms. They learn together, teach other,
sometimes get impatient with each other, and ultimately grow together into
artistic friendships that we then present to our audiences to get to know.
Our network is young but growing quickly.

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