[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] FREE Showing with visiting resident dance artist Kate Seethaler - March 11

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Tue Feb 28 09:46:17 EST 2017

REDHORSE STUDIO invites you to a free showing of a work-in-progress with
Kate Seethaler

Saturday, March 11
REDHORSE STUDIO. 550 E Montgomery Ave, Phila., PA 19125
FREE. Refreshments available.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/170455093443410/

During her residency at REDHORSE STUDIO Kate will be working on a solo that
she has been developing since the fall, which will be part of a larger
group work (roughly titled "homing") to debut in May this spring in
Northampton. She began the process of this solo with a clinical perspective
of the body and its functioning--both conceptually and poetically. (Link to
work-in-progress showing of that solo here: https://vimeo.com/189678726)
She utilized material she generated from Susan's workshop at Bearnstow this
past summer and was interested in having Susan's voice re-enter at this
stage of the process, six months later.

>From Kate: I am curious to add another layer onto this bare, dry skeleton
of movement (who's growth was stunted when I incurred an injury in
October). My current interests in the group work I am directing lie on the
construction of homes, structures, spaces and bodies. What does it mean to
explore the domesticity of our body/multiple bodies? Nesting, nested,
nestled. Piece by piece birds construct homes. What is to... feel at home?
feel at home on stage? to make a viewer feel at home? to inhabit homes and
rooms within us? How do we create home wherever we go? Homey, homely,
homed, homing. Where are we drawn?

Based in Northampton, MA, KATE SEETHALER is an improviser, choreographer,
performer and dance educator. Since earning her MFA in Choreography and
Performance from Smith College in 2016, she has worked as a performer and
collaborator in works by Katie Martin, Whitney Wilson, and Deborah Goffe.
She also creates her own work, under the auspices of skeleton
collaborative, which will be presented in Northampton and New York this
coming spring season. Kate is a member of the dance faculties at
Springfield College and the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought. She
generally dislikes bios, but genuinely loves philosophical questions,
scale, color and perspective, nitty-gritty details, prime numbers, largely
physical/physically large movement, mapping with one's focus, framing love
songs as a metaphor for the audience-performer relationship, getting rid of
that dang fourth wall, antics, silliness, durational movement, and intense
immersion in a task.

REDHORSE STUDIO <http://susanrethorst.com/redhorse-studio>, Philadelphia, PA

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