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Wed Jan 25 09:25:39 EST 2017

I received a request from Darcy Lyons to take over/maintain the *Advanced
Planning Calendar.*

For those unfamiliar, the advanced planningcalendar was NOT for the public
but a means for dance companies/organizations to avoid possible schedule
conflicts by listing their potential performances/events.This was
maintained as a google doc to which you had to be approved to gain access.

I have added this to the PhiladelphiaDANCE.org main website but as a
calendar app. You must use the online form to apply for access -

Once reviewed and approved, you will be able to login to the
PhiladelphiaDANCE.org website with restricted access to view/edit the
View Calendar - http://philadelphiadance.org/advanced-planning-calendar/
Login / edit - http://philadelphiadance.org/wp-admin/

All of these links are now in the extended left column menu on our home
page at PhiladelphiaDANCE.org

Instructions for adding/editing your events can be found when you view the
existing calendar at

Any events for 2017 previously on the google doc have already been moved
over.  Hopefully, once everyone gets use to the new system, this will have
greater functionality and pretty much be self-working.

Steve Weisz


Tel. 484-469-0288
eFax. 610-672-1906
Web. www.philadelphiadance.org

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