[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] This Weekend: Tania Isaac & Meredith Rainey's (In)Visible

LaNeshe Miller White laneshe at paintedbride.org
Tue Jan 24 15:28:18 EST 2017

*(In)VisiblePainted Bride Art Center | 230 Vine Street | paintedbride.org
<http://paintedbride.org> | 215-925-9914*

Choreography and direction by Tania Isaac & Meredith Rainey.
Performance by Meredith Rainey, Brian Cardova and Danielle Currica.

Through the use of mix of playful satire and flowing movement, (In)Visible
examines individual and collective ideas of identity as it pertains to
culture, sexuality and race, and the life of paradoxes we all lead.

*Workshop/Open Discussion | Saturday January 28th, 3-5pm*
*echo-location: everything is context*

We neither create nor exist in a vacuum. What are the circumstances that
drive us to action and how do they define, describe, limit or expand our
sense of ourselves, our work, and our choices? We invite you to share your
thoughts and experiences in conversation with Meredith Rainey, Tania Isaac
and other leading local dance artists, on how we exist in relationship to
art, identity and culture.

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