[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] Call for college students and recent grads to perform at the Rockies!

Anne Wilson anne.macg.wilson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 23:07:43 EST 2017

If you are a current college dance major or have recently graduated (say,
in the last 3 years), I hope you’ll join us in celebrating the 15 year
anniversary of the Rocky Awards: Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 at 7 PM. The
evening will be an opportunity to look back, as well as a chance to look to
the future of dance in Philadelphia. This is where you come in.

Bethany Formica Bender has generously offered to reconstruct *mediocrity
hyper* by the incredible Reactionaries to honor the 15-year anniversary of
the Rocky awards.

Join her from 2-5 PM at Fringearts on Sunday, January 22nd to learn the
piece, and then at 7 PM to watch the show and perform. The show is about an
hour long, and you will be performing towards the end.

Please bring red clothing that makes you feel like the kickass future of
dance that you are.

There is a budget of $0 for the entire awards show; everyone is
volunteering their time. We are asking that you volunteer your time as well.

Any questions? Email Annie: Anne.MacG.Wilson at gmail.com or Bethany herself:
BethanyFormica at gmail.com

REACTIONARIES was a project for [choreographer/performer] Bethany Formica &
[designer] Mark O'Maley. Based in Philadelphia, and with a collective of
dancers, technicians, actors, designers, and other like minded artists,
they created site-specific, visually motivated movement that challenged the
norms of typical dance and theater presentation.

*mediocrity hyper [2005]*

*conceived by Mark O’Maley*

*created and performed by Bethany Formica & David Konyk*

*group created by Kristen Shahverdian*

*[originally created and performed by Ray Clark, William Horton, Elisa

*Kristen Shahverdian, Rebecca Sloan, Adam Stone,  J.J. Tiziou, and Mauri
Walton in the National Building • Philadelphia, PA*

*also later performed by Jacelyn Biondo, Meg Foley,  Clifford Greer,  Andy
Schmitz, David O’Donnel, Summer Schultz*

*[music: fischerspooner] *

*mediocrity hyper* was originally part of a bigger piece called *New Slang,
*which was a collaboration between Reactionaries and The Bald Mermaids.

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