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Dreaming Salon series: Imagining an Economy <https://www.facebook.com/events/141061726382278/>

On two consecutive Mondays in January, we will host a pair of salons with the The Painted Bride Art Center around the theme: Imagining an Economy. The first salon, tomorrow Monday 1/9/17, will feature a panel of artists presenting brief presentations on the economies they have created for themselves. Artists include Alie Vidich, Amy Smith, Anna Rubio, Anthony Romero, Melanie Cotton, Shaily Dadiala, and Raphael Xavier. The following salon, on Monday, 1/16/17, will be a workshop in which attendees collectively imagine and document an ecomonic structure for the sustainment of health and rigor.

About a year ago, we began out conversation platform called Dreaming Salons. These salons have been platforms for establishing, continuing, and furthering conversations about the ways that art is woven into our worlds, and embedded within the systems within which we operate. The salons began as formalized conversation groups that took place in our living rooms, around potluck meals - space and moments in time dedicated to thought, discussion, energy around topics such as the social responsibility of the artist, honesty and deceit in the arts, and compensation practices in the field. Our next pair of conversations will be our first attempt to open up these conversations to a larger community. Please join us!


The Painted Bride Art Center

230 Vine Street



Monday, January 9th, 6:30 - 9pm*

Monday, January 16th, 6:30 - 9pm

*panelists have been asked to address personal and professional questions about how they create their artistic economies within larger economic systems: 

What do you do professionally?
How did you get momentum when you first started living and working independently (or, if you are not “independent,” what are some forces that currently prevent you from being so)?
What are the structures in place in your life that currently sustain you?
Are there any significant financial burdens in your life?
Do you have particular professional advantages that have helped your career momentum?
Were you ever given significant, unrestricted funding (fellowships, trust funds, independent commerce projects, winning a lottery, etc.), and how did you utilize this?
What wages do you request when working with presenters/curators/employers?  How do you assign these?
What wages do you pay other artists who you employ?  How did you come to these figures?
Have you felt good about your economic situation or the situations of others who you employ?  When?


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